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  • "He's f**king all in" - Dana White talks about gambling with Adin Ross, says Kick star has "zero fear of risk"
Dana White heaps praise on Adin Ross (Image via YouTube/Full Send Podcast and Instagram/Adin Ross)

"He's f**king all in" - Dana White talks about gambling with Adin Ross, says Kick star has "zero fear of risk"

UFC President Dana White commended popular Kick streamer Adin Ross on his 'fearless' attitude when it comes to gambling. The duo has previously, mostly off-stream, collaborated on poker or roulette tables, particularly whenever the streamer goes to Las Vegas, the unofficial gambling capital of the world.

Dana took to the popular Full Send Podcast (hosted by the NELK Boys) to share his take on the 23-year-old streamer and multi-millionaire. During the podcast, he shared his gambling experience with Adin, stating:

"He's f**king all in."
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"Zero fear of risk" - Dana White hypes up Adin Ross, labels him 'fearless'

Adin Ross has emerged as one of the prominent 'gamba' (streaming term for gambling-related content) streamers, securing a top position in the Kick streaming community. He has firmly established himself as a household name in the streaming and gambling communities.


To emphasize his widespread influence, Adin Ross has engaged in online gambling sessions, including one with the renowned popstar and rapper Drake. It's noteworthy that both Drake and Adin are sponsored by Stake (a popular online gambling platform).

Speaking about the Florida-born streamer, Dana White said this:

"Adin is another one. Adin is fascinating. You know, I was sitting here a couple of days ago with a psychologist and these guys are f**king psycho analysing me and basically talking about how I have no fear of risk. Zero fear of risk and Adin Ross is one of those f**king guys too."

He added that the streamer is courageous when it comes to shelling out the cash on a gambling table:

"When you actually watch Adin sit down and we've gambled together many times...zero fear of risk, this kid. He's f**king all in and you know, for somebody that young, to play the way that he plays, with the money that he plays with, pretty bada**."

What did the fans say?

The clip was shared by the popular online news page Drama Alert (@DramaAlert), which garnered quite a few comments from the streaming community. Here are some of the notable ones:

Fans give their takes on the clip (Image via X/@DramaAlert)

Adin Ross is presently the most followed streamer on Kick with over 818K followers, nearly 220K more than the next biggest streamer (xQc). Aside from gambling streams, Adin also plays a variety of games, such as NBA 2K and Fortnite.

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