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  • "Hope Kick is successful in spite of this gremlin": HasanAbi responds to Adin Ross after being "banned" from joining Kick
HasanAbi hits back at Adin Ross, says he has no intention of moving to Kick (Image via Sportskeeda)

"Hope Kick is successful in spite of this gremlin": HasanAbi responds to Adin Ross after being "banned" from joining Kick

Popular Twitch streamer "HasanAbi" Piker has been beefing with Adin Ross yet again, and this time, he chose to hit back at the Kick streamer for "banning" him from joining the Stake-owned platform. The clip came hours after Twitch released the controversial branded content policy, as prominent streamers started hinting at leaving the platform in protest.

With Twitch stalwarts such as MoistCr1TiKaL, Asmongold, and others calling out the platform on the new guidelines, Adin Ross and TrainwrecksTV have been actively asking people to switch to Kick.


However, Ross seemingly "banned" HasanAbi in a now-viral clip because of their past history. Now, Piker has chosen to hit back at the Kick streamer, calling him a "gremlin" and reiterating his views on more streaming platforms being a good thing in general:

"More streaming platforms means twitch can't make decisions like the ones from yesterday. this will improve the space for streamers and watchers alike. for that reason i hope kick becomes successful, in spite of this little gremlin doing his very best to undermine that."
The tweet in question (Image via @hasanthehun/Twitter)

"I'm good man, thanks": HasanAbi reassures fans that he has no intention of leaving Twitch and joining Kick


During the fallout after Twitch's disastrous announcement about restricting sponsored content, former streamers such as Adin Ross, who have recently made the switch to other platforms, have been quite vocal about their support for more creators to leave the Amazon-owned company. Ross, as it turns out, might even have a stake in Kick, as per one of his tweets from his alternate account @AR15thedemon.

And all you snakes and fakes who backstabbed me and now wanna come to kick… gladly come, I own % in kick. So therefore I own you. :)

He and Trainwreckstv have been promoting the Stake-owned platform for months now, urging people like Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed to join, but Adin was clear he didn't want certain streamers on the platform. While talking to his viewers on the topic in a recent stream, he categorically named Mizkif and HasanAbi as the two streamers who are "banned" from joining:

"Mizkif, you can't come. You're not coming to Kick, bro. I'm sorry, you're not coming, bro... Hasan, you're not invited, either! I'm going to be honest, you're not coming. Those two are banned. Okay? They cannot come."

Adin Ross and HasanAbi have been beefing for quite some time, with one of the more recent instances being the copyright scandal that was the talk of the town a few weeks back. The Kick streamer has been accused of abusing copyright laws to strike smaller content creators.


Notwithstanding the feud, HasanAbi has talked quite positively about Kick, saying he believes more competition will improve the industry. However, in responding to Adin's recent talk about the ban, the Twitch streamer reassured him that he had no intention of moving to the platform and the concept of banning him from a thing he does not want is laughable:

"Having said that, banning me from Kick when I have no intention of going there is pretty funny, like, I'm good man thanks."
having said that banning me from kick when i have no intention of going there is pretty funny, like i'm good man thanks.

The purple platform's new branded content policy has rocked the streaming world, and with widespread backlash, Twitch had to publicly apologize to the community for the botched announcements.


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