Hi-Fi Rush is mostly a linear experience (Image via Hi-Fi Rush)

How long does it take to beat Hi-Fi Rush?

Even though Hi-Fi Rush was shadow-dropped for the PC and Xbox Series X/S with next to no marketing and or reveals, the action rhythm game has turned out to be one of the most popular titles this January.

Tango Gameworks hit it out of the park when it came to introducing an incredibly unique combat system and one of the most gorgeous and colorful world designs in a game.

The rhythm-action game #HiFiRush by @TangoGameworks was an amazing surprise no one saw coming.

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With the title having a day-one launch in the Game Pass library, there are indeed many in the community who are looking to try it out. There are also many fans who are curious about some of the game's features, including the length of time it takes to complete it.

Hi-Fi Rush is unfortunately not a particularly lengthy title, and on average, players will take around eight to 10 hours to finish the game in normal difficulty. However, the playtime will be significantly more for completionists and those on higher difficulties.

Hi-Fi Rush is mostly a linear experience


Although there are a lot of areas that players will be able to discover and explore in Hi-Fi Rush, the game has a very linear progression system and narrative. This is one of the reasons why the playtime is comparatively short.

Gamers should be able to complete the final stage at around the 10-hour mark of their playthrough. However, completionists looking to 100% the title will take around 15 to 20 hours. This is primarily because Hi-Fi Rush has over 60 achievements that one will be required to unlock to obtain all the available G Points.

While some of these achievements are pretty easy to accomplish, a great many require certain conditions to be met. Hence, they might take a fair amount of trial and error, with players having to boot up certain Tracks over and over again.


There are 10 Tracks or Missions in the title, and each stage ends with an epic boss fight. Players can also look to spend some time in the hideout, where they will be able to take part in socializing with some of the NPCs in the game.

The Hideout provides a nice break from the action and even provides a significant amount of insight into the characters’ backgrounds as well as the world that Hi-Fi Rush is set in.

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