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Whether you enjoy a slow burn or high-octane action, this month's Humble Choice has you covered (Image via 2K Games/Funcom)

Humble Choice October 2023 lineup reveals The Quarry, Metal Hellsinger, and more

The next Humble Choice is here, and it is one of the more interesting ones yet, with October 2023's lineup including both popular and lesser-known names. This includes the likes of Until Dawn developer Supermassive's 2022 horror game "The Quarry." However, more niche titles like the underrated hellish FPS/rhythm game hybrid Metal Hellsinger are also included.

Overall it seems to be a diverse collection of games. That said, this article explains everything players need to know.


Humble Choice October 2023 promises some unique and exciting games for players to grab

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As usual, this Humble Choice includes eight games. Here are the picks:

  • The Quarry Deluxe Edition
  • Metal Hellsinger
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
  • Rebel Inc: Escalation
  • Spirit of the Island
  • Lords and Villeins
  • A Juggler’s Tale
  • Mr. Prepper

While the latter options on the list are nothing particularly exciting, the first few are expected to grab the attention of the playerbase.

The Quarry Deluxe Edition


Released in 2022, The Quarry is the latest game made by Supermassive Games. Taking place in Hackett’s Quarry, you control a group of teenagers on a summer camp in this cinematic adventure game. Make tough choices and face the outcomes as you try to evade blood-thirsty creatures and murderers.

Here is everything included in the Deluxe Edition:

  • The Quarry base game
  • The Quarry - Horror History Visual Filter Pack
  • The Quarry - Deluxe Bonus Content Pack (80s Throwback Character Outfits, Instant access to Death Rewind system, Bonus Movie Mode option: Gorefest, Horror History Visual Filter Pack)

Metal Hellsinger

Metal Hellsinger is the one game in this Humble Choice that might appeal to fans of ID Software's DOOM games. Take on the role of The Unknown, part-human, and part-demon, who must wreak havoc across the eight domains of Hell to defeat the Devil. As a rhythm game, players must perform actions in tune with the beat but also flex their FPS skills in a challenging yet satisfying hybrid experience.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The third entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology saga, House of Ashes is another cinematic horror game from Supermassive Games. A group of Special Forces members descends into the ruins beneath a buried Sumerian temple, only to be met with terrifying monstrosities that have made their home there. With no way out, take control of various characters and decide their fates.

Players will need to subscribe to Humble Choice to redeem these game keys.

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