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  • "It helped keep my mind occupied" - Nordan Shat, aka FaZe Rain discusses cannabis and his new brand RCVRY, new content, and more
FaZe Rain (Nordan Shat) is on the road to recovery, and recently spoke with Sportskeeda about making new content, as well as his RCVRY product (Image via FaZe Rain)

"It helped keep my mind occupied" - Nordan Shat, aka FaZe Rain discusses cannabis and his new brand RCVRY, new content, and more

Nordan Shat, better known as FaZe Rain, is a big player in the world of content creation as a founding member and owner of FaZe Clan. However, as he continues his recovery from severe nerve damage, the YouTuber has started his own line of cannabis products, known as RCVRY. It is a product that, as of this time, is only available at select locations in California.

In a recent interaction with Expert Columnist Jason Parker of Sportskeeda, FaZe Rain discussed his new product, talked about how it has helped him personally, and much more. Here's what FaZe Rain had to share.


FaZe Rain discusses what led to creating RCVRY

Q. First, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! We saw that you had launched a new cannabis product, RCVRY. What can you tell us about it?

FaZe Rain: RCVRY is a brand I decided to create because of the issues I’ve had with other substances in the past that led to me being in a wheelchair for 2 years due to chemical neuropathy. I created it in hopes of other people dealing with the same thing to choose a safer and cleaner alternative. I’m completely focused on brand building and community over sales volume and profit margins.


Q. I imagine this may be a touchy subject, but it's known that you had a very public issue with drugs in the past. Was anyone in the org worried about choosing a cannabis product to promote?

FaZe Rain: Probably, but that isn’t my problem. If I decided to create an alcohol brand, no one would think twice. I really don’t care if people have issues with what I choose to do.

Q. After the overdose, which caused pretty severe nerve damage, I understand that cannabis was a large part of your recovery process. Can you describe how it helped you?


FaZe Rain: I’m not going to say it helped me with the physical pain because even morphine wouldn’t have helped me. But it did definitely help keep my mind occupied and more relaxed to be able to have positive thoughts and recover.

Q. Is RCVRY a product endorsed by all of FaZe Clan, or is this a personal project?

FaZe Rain: RCVRY has no official ties to FaZe Clan as a whole, only with me personally.


Q. I've seen video footage of you being able to walk more, after working on your post-overdose recovery. Does this mean we're going to see more content from you again, whether CoD or other vlog footage?

FaZe Rain: Yes, absolutely! I just finished filming my next video and have two more to film this week. We're back.

Q. If your recovery continues to trend upward, would you consider streaming regularly on YouTube? If so, what sort of content would you like to create for your 5M followers?

FaZe Rain: I was never really a streamer but more of a video creator. On my main channel, I probably won’t upload until my documentary, but my VLOG/Gaming channel is going to be active real soon.

Q. On the topic of your career, you're well-known for trick shot videos, and reaction content as well. Do you have any particular videos or moments that really stand out to you in terms of your career?

FaZe Rain: Even though I hate it now, Vape Lord Nord was one of the biggest things of my career - if not the biggest. Me going to Vape Con is by far my most viewed video. I just hate Vapes now and hate that so many kids smoke them regularly.


Q. What about the future? Do you think cannabis products like RCVRY have a place and future in the world of esports? What could these products help improve in the world of esports and gaming?

FaZe Rain: Hopefully! One day, when cannabis is as normalized as alcohol, I think so! So many gamers love smoking weed. I really feel like it goes hand in hand.

FaZe Rain’s new cannabis line, RCVRY, can be found at select locations such as the Caliva (San Jose & DELI Bellflower), Coastal (West LA), and Varda (Pasadena) dispensaries. The Caliva San Jose and Deli Bellflower locations also provide home delivery for the product. FaZe Rain sounds like he’s ready to start creating content again, which comes as positive news for his fans.

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