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Adin Ross wants Kick to sign RiceGum (Image via Sportskeeda)

"I'm ripping up the contract": Adin Ross willing to break contract and move to Rumble if Kick doesn't sign RiceGum 

Kick's star streamer Adin Ross went on a rant about Bryan "RiceGum" on his recent stream and threatened to break off his existing contract with the platform and move to Rumble if they failed to sign the content creator. Bryan has recently started making content again after an extended hiatus and Ross seems determined to get him on the Stake-owned platform.

Adin explicitly told his viewers during a stream that if Kick fails to sign RiceGum, and the creator goes to other platforms such as Rumble, he himself will rip up his contract and move with the latter:

"If we don't do everything in our power to sign RiceGum, we are f*cked. If Rumble gets RiceGum before us, we are f*cked. I'm ripping up the contract and going over there without a contract. If we don't get my brother RiceGum on Kick, I'm leaving!"


Adin Ross and RiceGum discuss the prospects of moving in together


Bryan has been quite a controversial figure in the content creation industry since his Twitch ban years ago and also his ties to a cryptocurrency scam associated with many FaZe members. For a total rundown of his controversial past, here's a recap of his career.

In any case, he recently came back to reveal a piece of heartbreaking news about losing his child after a medical complication that led the baby to be stillborn. Followers and many people in the industry extended their condolences. It appears that he has finally recovered from the trauma and has been streaming on Twitch for the past couple of days to his one million followers on the platform.

Adin Ross, however, has made it clear that Kick needs to sign the creator and even went as far as to suggest that he will be moving in with the Twitch streamer in the future. In a clip that is being widely shared on social media, Adin expressed the desire to move in together:

"Um, I miss you man. I'm down to f*ck around and move in sometime, I don't know man."
Ricegum and Adin Ross also teased the idea of moving in together.

The Twitch streamer appeared to be open to the idea and revealed that he had been ghosting Adin Ross:

"I was ghosting you, and I feel bad but I got you bro."

The two streamers agreed to talk about it later off-stream.

Adin's attitude towards Bryan is quite different from how he has been allegedly treating other friends like IShowSpeed, who recently revealed that the Kick streamer has been avoiding him.

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