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Dan Clancy takes on some GTA RP heckling (Image via Spaceboy/Twitch)

"I think it's fair": Twitch CEO Dan Clancy gets trolled while streaming GTA RP over 50/50 revenue split

A recent GTA RP clip is garnering a lot of attention in the community, where Twitch CEO Dan Clancy was trolled by other players who demanded he split his in-game revenue 50/50 for the first three months as a joke before he can earn more. For those out of the loop, this is a clear reference to the new Partner Program introduced by Twitch earlier this year, which laid down the subscription revenue split that caused a lot of backlash.

The policy was introduced in June 2023 to address the controversial move to a 50/50 revenue split by adding a new tier for streamers who could still get 70/30 from subscriptions if they meet certain criteria. While playing, GTA RP streamer Zaitohro decided to troll the CEO by claiming that Dan would have to surrender half of his earnings for around three months till he could get 70/30 (just like the Twitch Partner Program.)


To his credit, Dan Clancy took the joke in stride and after hearing it all out had a witty reply, appearing to agree to Zaitohro's demands:

"All I have to say is that seems very fair to me."


"No way that guy is CEO": Viewers react as Twitch CEO Dan Clancy gets heckled while playing GTA RP


Unlike the previous head of Twitch, Clancy has taken a much more active role in engaging with the streaming community. He regularly goes live on his channel, which somehow got rejected from the Partner Program a few weeks ago. From IRL streaming during TwitchCon to collaborating with fellow streamers, he has been doing a lot in the past year.

With NoPixel 4.0 on the way and the GTA 6 trailer making waves in the community, Grand Theft Auto Roleplay is the latest thing the CEO tried his hands at. Going live from Spaceboy's channel, Dan Clancy was playing when a fellow GTA RP player named Zaitohro engaged him in banter.

Clearly referring to the Twitch Partner Plus Program, which has ruffled some feathers in the community, he informed Dan:

"Alright, because you are new to the job, I am going to have to take 50% of your income. So, we are going to do 50/50. But after three months of working for me, I'll go 70/30."

Timestamp 0:51:06

With a laugh, the Twitch CEO raised a protest, asking exactly what he needed to do to get the 70/30 split:

"Doesn't seem right to me, alright? But is there some type of goal I could pursue to get to 70/30? A goal or a number I can pursue?"

Almost mimicking the Partner Plus Program's requirements, Zaitohro replied:

"Yeah, you just got to do a certain amount of jobs consistently for three months in a row without missing a month. And then you will get the 70/30."

Dan Clancy, obviously conscious of the parallels being drawn by the people here, had a fitting reply and informed Zaitohro that his demands were reasonable and fair. The GTA RP streamer himself thought Dan Clancy "was an amazing sport" in a Reddit comment.


The interaction has gone viral on social media, eliciting several reactions. Here are some of them from r/LivestreamFail:


GTA RP's next chapter in NoPixel 4.0 is slated to be "insane" as per livestreamer and co-owner of the venture, Felix "xQc." With only a few days left to go, the fans will be able to see what's to come on December 15.

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