The Game Awards 2022 stage invader got arrested leading to hilarity and memes (Image via The Game Awards)

"I want to nominate my Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton": The Game Awards 2022 GOTY nomination interrupted by stage invader

While there was a great many numbers of wins and nominations that the community was able to predict in The Game Awards 2022, what they were not expecting was the interruption of the GOTY announcement.

When Elden Ring received the win for the Game of The Year, FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki were interrupted by a stage invader who seemed to have paid homage to “Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton”.


It was pretty uncertain at first if this odd moment in the ceremony was something that Geoff Keighley had in the works, but it was soon revealed that it was actually a stage invasion.

In a tweet following the incident and the final GOTY award, Geoff himself put out a tweet stating that the person who interrupted the nomination at The Game Awards 2022 was arrested.

The individual who interrupted our Game of the Year moment has been arrested.

The Award ceremony did end on a note of hilarity, and the community is not holding back on putting out memes and trolls on what has happened.


The Game Awards 2022 stage invader got arrested leading to hilarity and memes

The end of the award ceremony and the arrest has made way for a plethora of memes and troll posts amongst community members.

Below are some of the best memes on the internet around The Game Awards stage invasion.

@geoffkeighley >walks up on stage
> dedicates award to Bill Clinton
> Refuses to elaborate
> gets arrested

One of the best memes on the internet around the moment is how the community is likening it to one if the in-game multiplayer mechanics in Elden Ring and other FromSoftware titles.

"Invaded by dark spirit" and Invaded by Bloody Finger" are PvP invasions in their games, and it was great to see how the community were able to incorporate it as a meme to fit the "invasion" that took place at The Game Awards 2022.

All in all this year’s TGA was a rather nail-biting affair as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok were the top contenders for the most auspicious award. It was a very close finish in the end with the JRPG taking home the prize for the Game of the Year category.


In the acceptance speech, FromSoftware announced that there is more in store for players in the coming months and that there are fresh chapters that are yet to be written. Hence, it’s likely that the reveal of a DLC is in the cards soon, and players will once again get to enjoy more content in the Lands Between.

Till then, the new Colosseum update has added some incredible PvP elements, which a lot of community members are having a great time in.

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