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  • "If only someone told you this 10 months ago" - Fans react to JustaMinx saying that she needs a "wake-up call"
JustaMinx tweet garners mixed responses (Image via Sportskeeda)

"If only someone told you this 10 months ago" - Fans react to JustaMinx saying that she needs a "wake-up call"

Twitch streamer Becca "JustaMinx" recently sparked mixed responses on social media with a tweet about her return to Ireland. After facing criticism for her behavior at the Streamer Awards, she stated that she felt "refreshed" to be back in her home country.

Some fans showed support by expressing their appreciation for her recent posts featuring her family, seeing it as a positive change and a more personal side of her. However, others remained skeptical of the streamer. One user wrote:

"If only someone told you this 10 months ago."
@JustaMinx If only someone told you this 10 months ago

JustaMinx reveals needing change, streamer to fly back to US soon

JustaMinx caused nuisance at the Streamer Awards after-party as she was intoxicated. Although she claimed to have had a seizure, fellow streamer Blaire "QTCinderella," the host and creator of the event, called her out for her behavior.


A few days after the episode, Becca revealed flying back to Ireland to not only take a break but also to visit her hometown doctor who has her reports with regards to her epileptic episodes. She wrote:

i will vibe traveling back to ireland this week to my OG doctor since they dont have my full medical files here to get the right medication

I am truly sorry for ruining the party but pls stop mispreading info.

In a recent tweet from her main account, she said that she needs the holiday after her recent controversy at the Streamer Awards after-party. She wrote:

"I really needed to come home. I've never felt so refreshed. Even tho sh*t went down in an awful way, I'm grateful that it happened. I needed to be back with my family and I really needed a wake-up call."
JustaMinx provides an update regarding her mental health (Image via Twitter)

Many criticized her for merely making a statement to pacify her critics, without any concrete evidence of addressing her alcohol dependency issue. Here are some of them:

@JustaMinx Sounds as if you’re a repeat offender. Meaning unless you are explicitly saying you are getting help (which you’ve not admitted to) you are jus manipulating your fans and friends on Twitter into thinking you are actually going to get better.

Admit it to yourself first. It hurts.
@JustaMinx 12 year old Twitter users thinking addiction is a game you can just quit. Minx isn’t gonna quit. You can hope all you want. Until she herself wants to quit, or thinks it’s a problem, she won’t.

She even admitted that she “didn’t think it mattered if she drank after.”
@JustaMinx Rome wasnt built in a day, and addiction doesn’t get solved over night. Or a week. Or a month. Theres a reason people say addiction is one of the hardest things you mentally have to ever go through, so nobody is gonna tell me Minx even STARTED the process.
@JustaMinx "i'm grateful it happened" is an absurd thing to say after ruining a huge night for someone that went out of their way to give you a chance

Despite the barrage of criticism, the streamer's tweet garnered some positive comments as well:

@JustaMinx Glad to hear you're feeling better
@JustaMinx Glad you’re feeling better dude. Seeing the tweets you made about your family the past few days has been real sweet.
@JustaMinx Its always nice to be with family and to refresh yourself..
I'm happy and glad for you.
Take care this evening and relax..

It's worth noting that, despite calling her out, QTCinderella has discouraged verbal attacks on JustaMinx. She wrote:

Sorry I havent streamed much, Im still really overwhelmed. One big take away from this weekend is - please stop attacking other streamers on my behalf. Its always a mistake to bring things to the public eye. I wont make that mistake again. Please do not attack anyone for me ever.

Becca needs to be in her best shape ahead of next month as she is scheduled to feature in KSI's Misfits Boxing event 006 in New Orleans. She will take on Jesse "Fangs," a FIFA streamer and YouTuber, in the welterweight division, which will mark the professional debut of both female creators. The event will be live-streamed on DAZN on April 21.

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