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  • IShowSpeed had to be treated by paramedics after the "Elephant Toothpaste" experiment went wrong
IShowSpeed apparently needed paramedics after science experiment (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)

IShowSpeed had to be treated by paramedics after the "Elephant Toothpaste" experiment went wrong

Popular YouTube streamer Darren Watkins Jr., better known as IShowSpeed, had to be treated by paramedics after the fire department was called following the Elephant Toothpaste experiment went wrong. Fans can rest easy, however, as his cameraman Slipz has confirmed that the YouTuber is fine now. It appears that Darren had difficulty breathing after fumes from the experiment.

IShowSpeed is known for his chaotic energy on stream and has seen a meteoric rise in popularity with thousands of fans who tune in to watch his streams on a regular basis.


The Elephant Toothpaste experiment caused the streamer's room to fill up with a lot of gas, and according to the moderator's announcement in chat, firefighters were called to help stabilize him. The message in the YouTube chat from the official account read:

"Speed is currently with the firefighters. They're giving him oxygen so he can breathe. He should be fine guys."
The YouTuber was given oxygen after the experiment (Image via YouTube)

However, Slipz has since confirmed that IShowSpeed is better. He uploaded a short clip of the experiment where the streamer can be seen choking and gasping for air. But the caption reads:

"Speed is okay"
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Watch: IShowSpeed's Elephant Toothpaste experiment filled his room with alleged toxic fumes

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This isn't the first time that the fire department had to be called due to the 18-year-old's antics. Last year, during the Fourth of July celebrations, the Ohio-native almost set his room on fire after lighting a Pikachu firecracker on his YouTube livestream.

The streamer is also known for the various pranks that he pulls and seemingly got a fan into quite some trouble after calling their teacher a "b*tch." So much so that the fan even talked about getting a possible suspension due to the YouTuber's actions.

The Elephant Toothpaste experiment, quite a common chemistry demonstration, forms a foamy substance due to a reaction between Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine in water. Apparently, it caused IShowSpeed to get a breathing problem. Here are some of the reactions from his fans after the news spread on social media.

Fans react to the streamer's condition (Image via X)

The streamer has seen his fair share of controversies and scandals. Only a few months ago, he went viral after he accidentally flashed his privates on stream.

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