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  • "It's futile to stoop too low to get back at others" - Pokimane addresses fans following Myna Snacks controversy
Pokimane addresses fans following Myna Snacks controversy (Image via @pokimanelol/X)

"It's futile to stoop too low to get back at others" - Pokimane addresses fans following Myna Snacks controversy

Twitch star Imane "Pokimane" took to Instagram on November 29, 2023, to address the Myna Snacks controversy. The streamer wrote that she had been reflecting on the situation for a few days and expressed gratitude to those who had supported her. Claiming that she had been "too fixated" on the negative reactions and responses, Pokimane stated:

"Been reflecting the last few days, and for starters, I want to thank everyone who's been so supportive and understanding. I realized I've been too fixated on negative things/people and reacting in ways that aren't conducive to being the best version of myself."

The Moroccan-Canadian personality also wrote that she was "determined" to handle things better in the future, adding:

"Feels silly to say that because I've been making content for so long, I should know better, but s**t happens, lol. Either way, I'm determined to handle things better in the future and realize it's futile to stoop too low to get back at others. Random update, but wanted to share (smily face emoticon). Take care and chat soon."


A brief timeline of Pokimane's Myna Snacks controversy

The Twitch streamer's recent Instagram Story featuring her address (Image via https://www.instagram.com/stories/pokimanelol/3246335241547013894/)

It all started on November 14, 2023, when Pokimane announced on X (formerly Twitter) that she had launched a cookie brand called Myna Snacks. The OfflineTV (OTV) co-founder claimed that it took her two years to create the Vitamin D-enriched product.

She tweeted:

"It's finally here! Introducing my new company: Myna Snacks! I could never find the perfect healthy snack that tasted good, so I made one for us! The Midnight Mini Cookies are made with real, non-GMO ingredients plus added Vitamin D."
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The launch was not smooth sailing, as the online community on the social media platform accused her of "rebranding" an already available cookie called the Toatzy Midnight Mini Cookie. Things got heated on November 19, 2023, when Imane responded to a Twitch chatter who expressed their discontent with the $28 price tag.

While referring to the individual as a "broke boy," the content creator remarked:

"I've got to say this one last time - it makes my brain go boom when people are like, 'Oh, my god! $28 for cookies?!' It's four bags. That's $7 a pack. I know math is hard when you're an idiot. But, if you're a broke boy, just say so."

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Pokimane's poor shaming of her fans drew a lot of criticism. Several prominent internet personalities, including Zack "Asmongold" and Charlie "MoistCr1TiKaL," weighed in on the drama, with the latter claiming that Imane's comments were a "s**tty thing to say."

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On November 20, 2023, Pokimane took to X to apologize for the "broke boy" statement. Claiming it was meant to be a "joke," the Los Angeles-based personality added that the company was looking into pricing structures to make it "as affordable as possible."

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