BruceDropEmOff goes live on his main account despite being banned on his alt (Image via Sportskeeda)

"It's not a smart move at all" - Community reacts as BruceDropEmOff goes live on his main channel after allegedly getting banned on his alternate

A couple of days after resigning from One True King (OTK), Twitch streamer "BruceDropEmOff" hit the news yet again after being banned from his alternate account.

For those wondering, a streamer can create two accounts on Twitch as long as they stick to the Terms of Service. They, however, will be unable to go live if either of their accounts is banned.


Bruce, controversially, went live from his main channel earlier today, despite being under an embargo. This is known as "ban evasion," and if detected, could cause further punishment for the former OTK member.

Reacting to the news, the r/LivestreamFail subreddit gave a variety of reactions. One user cautioned him by stating:

"It's not a smart move at all"


BruceDropEmOff evades ban after going live from his main channel, prompts community discussion

Less than 48 hours after announcing his departure from OTK and subsequently berating Matthew "Mizkif" during his live stream, he was banned from accessing his alternate account offmepordecurb on Twitch.

The exact reason behind his ban is unclear at this point. The LSF community, however, speculatively stated that his suspension was due to the use of the word “cracker,” which is a racial slur used against white people.

BruceDropEmOff seemingly proceeded to pay no heed to his suspension after going live on his main channel, which had just over 1.2 million followers at the time of writing. Usually, a Twitch ban lasts anywhere from a few hours to 30 days. His alleged transgressions, if caught, could lead the streamer to further trouble.


As mentioned earlier, news of his live broadcast was shared in the popular LSF community, prompting a lot of comments. One Redditor suggested that Twitch might act severely against the streamer:

Responding to the theory, another user said:

He received a considerable amount of backlash after being accused of playing the 'race card.' Reacting to the drama, a couple of users said:


In light of BruceDropEmOff's departure, some users pointed out that OTK may have had the better half of the deal:

Discussing his scathing rant on Mizkif, Redditors sarcastically wrote:


Viewers who aren't necessarily familiar with his content mulled on the possibility of BruceDropEmOff having a breakdown:

People continued with their discussions. One user critically surmised that the streamer was simply drawing attention:

His polemic rant against Mizkif drew a lot of reaction from the Twitch community. The latter himself gave his take on the situation. In a stream, the OTK member stated that he wants no part of the controversy and just wants to focus on his streaming.

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