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Keemstar throws shade at Twitch streamer HasanAbi (Image via YouTube/Drama Alert and Twitch/HasanAbi)

Keemstar calls out HasanAbi, claims political commentator "got exposed for spreading fake news"

Controversial YouTuber and online personality Daniel "Keemstar" took to his social media platform to criticize fellow content creator and Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi." The two individuals have a history of online disputes, and it seems that the Drama Alert creator has voiced fresh criticisms.

Daniel outlined a variety of online incidents involving HasanAbi, asserting that in nearly all of them, Hasan was in the wrong. Here's what the 41-year-old YouTuber posted:

"Got exposed for spreading fake news & getting mainstream news stories completely wrong."
Daniel calls out Twitch streamer HasanAbi (Image via X/@Keemstar)


What criticisms did Keemstar make against HasanAbi?

HasanAbi is known for being quite outspoken and has faced controversy in the past. This month, however, he has once again found himself in a precarious situation, adding to a pattern of such occurrences for the streamer.


For example, in recent weeks, he was observed making presumptively inaccurate statements concerning the Israel and Palestine conflict. Specifically, he boldly asserted that Israel had launched a missile at a hospital in Gaza, a claim that was later proven to be false.

In addition, he faced confrontation from another YouTuber named WillyMacShow, an American commentary YouTuber. In the video, Will presented instances where Hasan demonstrated a lack of understanding, confessing openly that he does not financially compensate his head moderators.

Additionally, Will also pointed out that Hasan had been off the mark quite a number of times when giving his opinions on the recent geo-political situation across the globe. For example, Hasan was seen vehemently asserting that Russia would not enter into any kind of combat with Ukraine. This, of course, also turned out to be false.


The final point that Dabiel underscored was Hasan's recent one-hour-long defense of the drama involving Pokimane and Myna Snacks (with the main criticism being Pokimane's recent remarks). Hasan's reaction swiftly became a subject of scrutiny in the online community.


What did the community say?

Keemstar is a known figure when it comes to stirring drama. Naturally, his latest post calling out the streamer attracted a sizeable crowd. Here are some of the notable reactions:

Fans react to the latest call-out post (Image via X/@Keemstar)

HasanAbi has yet to respond to Daniel's latest call-out post against him. However, given that he frequently streams react content online, it's likely he will come across it at some point.

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