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  • KSI and IShowSpeed to officially fight in a charity match on December 15
KSI to fight IShowSpeed in charity match (Image via KSI/X, Sidemen/YouTube)

KSI and IShowSpeed to officially fight in a charity match on December 15

YouTube star-turned-boxer Olajide, "KSI" or JJ, will be officially fighting livestreamer Darren "IShowSpeed" on December 15 in a charity match. The two have been talking about it for about a week since Darren challenged JJ to a match in a post on X, formerly Twitter. With the two going back and forth for a while, they decided the date to be December 15. Fans have not failed to notice that the date coincides with Jake Paul's return clash with Andre August.

While the online banter between IShowSpeed and KSI had given many people hope, both of them have released posters confirming that they will be doing the fight for real. Furthermore, they seem to have partnered up with the Anthony Walker Foundation, an anti-racism and hate crime charity based in Liverpool.


KSI vs IShowSpeed: Where and when to watch the charity match

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While there may not have been much time to prepare, fans of both the YouTubers are very much looking forward to the fight. The clash will be telecast live from IShowSpeed's official YouTube channel on December 15 at 4 am GT or 11 pm ET (8 pm PT).

Fans will be aware of the friendly rivalry between Darren and JJ. The two YouTubers have collaborated extensively over the last few years, with their interactions before and during the Sidemen Charity match winning the hearts of many. Supporters will remember that IShowSpeed started the 2022 Sidemen Charity Football match by tackling KSI to the ground.

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The on-pitch rivalry has thrived this year as well when fans were eagerly expecting a similar on-pitch clash between this year's Sidemen Charity Match. They did get their moment when IShowSpeed spectacularly missed a penalty against his rival, who was the goalkeeper on the opposing team.

As for the fight that is to be held on December 15, KSI does seem to have the upper hand, considering he has been boxing in a professional capacity for a long time. However, his recent loss was quite hard on him. In a video uploaded to YouTube after his appeal against Tommy Fury's win was rejected, he revealed how he had broken down after the decision was made.

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