Twitter fans share numerous memes after Markiplier officially launches his OnlyFans account (Image via Markiplier/YouTube)

Markiplier OnlyFans memes take over Twitter as YouTuber joins adult platform

On December 8, popular YouTuber Mark "Markiplier" finally launched his long-awaited OnlyFans account. The automated Twitter account @MarkRealFansbot updated the online community by sharing a screenshot of the content creator's official OnlyFans account:

Update: Markipliers Onlyfans is out.

Shortly after, the 33-year-old content creator began to trend on Twitter, with hundreds of community members sharing a slew of memes featuring Markiplier's content on the adult platform.

Twitter community shares a flurry of memes as Markiplier officially joins OnlyFans

On December 8, Markiplier posted a 45-second video in which he officially announced that he would be joining OnlyFans:

"Today's the day! My OnlyFans is now available, through the link in the description below, as promised! The deal is now complete, and the first of three drops of Tasteful N*des is now available for purchase."

The update was then shared on Twitter, and fans quickly responded with lighthearted memes about the highly anticipated adult account. Some of the most viral memes are as follows:

markiplier on his only fans:
Markiplier’s onlyfans with no context:
Aight who got the Markiplier Onlyfans leaks
every side of twitter running to onlyfans after seeing markiplier trending
Today is actually Markipliers Onlyfans...

Why did Markiplier join OnlyFans?


It all began on October 17, 2022, when the YouTuber first revealed joining the adult platform in a video, titled "I Will Start an OnlyFans..."

Mark then set conditions for his community, instructing them to listen to his Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team podcasts and make them the #1 podcasts on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The following month, the YouTuber's community fulfilled that challenge, with the former stating that he would create an OnlyFans account. In a video titled "you win..." Mark revealed that he had to reclaim his username from someone who had been impersonating him:

"All right you impatient, thirsty gremlins. You win! You're going to get my OnlyFans! But it's not here yet! All of you hunting around for the right URL are being played for a fool! Because my official OnlyFans doesn't exist yet. I still need to get my username from the person who is impersonating me! So until you see me make a video called, 'Here!' where I say, 'The OnlyFans link is in the description below!' You know it's not official yet."

After a month of waiting, Mark has finally launched his OnlyFans account and explained why he decided to create an account on the adult platform in the first place:

"The proceeds of which will all be going to charity. They'll be split evenly between the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in my hometown of Cincinnati, and the World Food Program because, if you're going to quench your thirst, we might as well try and feed some people. So that's literally it."

Markiplier is one of the most popular content creators on the Google-owned video-sharing platform. He started his YouTube account in 2012 and has since garnered more than 34 million subscribers.

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