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Miniminter explains how W2S won a private jet in MrBeast's challenge video

Sidemen member Simon "Miniminter" took to his What's Good podcast to reveal details about a recently uploaded challenge video by MrBeast. The latter gave away a private jet worth $2 million in a recent video that involved the likes of Harry "W2S," Darren "IShowSpeed," Chunkz, Lannan "LazarBeam," and George "GeorgeNotFound," among others.

The challenge had one simple rule - whoever lifted their hands off the plane was eliminated. The last surviving contestant was to be given the jet. Sidemen member W2S, who is best known for his FIFA videos, won the competition after lasting for over 17 hours.


On the podcast, Miniminter explained that one of the primary reasons Harry won the challenge was down to him not knowing the duration of time he would be required to put his hand on the jet.

Sidemen member Miniminter dives deeper into the strategy behind winning MrBeast's jet

W2S, or as he is referred to by his real name Harry, incredibly won a private jet that costs over $2 million in a recently uploaded MrBeast video. Speaking about Harry's strategy, Miniminter exclaimed:

"We were talking about this today at Harry's and he was saying that he doesn't know if he could've done it, if we, I think the hardest part of the challenge is not knowing how long other people gonna hold on to it (jet). So they finished after like 17 hours or something like that, if I knew that I have to hold it for 48 hours, like that's ridiculous."

Miniminter added:

"The only thing that would stop me is an accident of like, accidentally taking it off."

Furthering the discussion, co-host Randolph added by saying:

"If I knew that I had to stand here for 17 hours on my own, I would get a jet worth x amount of millions, two million or whatever, I would be able to do that. If I knew that 17's just mindset and I was on my own."

He concluded his statement by saying that he would not have been able to accomplish the goal if he were to learn how long the other participants would last.

Fans share their reactions

The MrBeast challenge video garnered a lot of reactions at the time of its release. Seeing Harry bag a jet worth millions meant that fans flooded in with their comments:

How did W2S get his jumper off and back on in the Mr beast private jet video without taking his hand off the jetttt???
w2s won a private jet lmfao
w2s wins a private jet from mr beast !!!
HARRY WON A PRIVATE JET FOR ROSIE AND JOSH WHAT ???? im actually shocked he won a mr beast challenge ??
So gladdddd Harry won the MrBeast's Jet
Harry won a £2.5milli jet. Mad. #MrBeast
How in the hell did Harry win that jet in todays mr beast video

The private jet challenge video has already attracted over 68 million views, coupled with nearly 100K comments from fans.

For those wondering about the jet, Harry recently revealed that he may auction it off since keeping it stationary would cost him a lot of money.

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