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"No f*cking way they fixed it!": Asmongold shows World of Warcraft loot exploit on stream, Blizzard hotfixes it moments later

Zack "Asmongold" decided to explain a loot exploit that he and McConnell were using while streaming World of Warcraft Dragonflight on Twitch today. Sadly for the veteran MMO player, someone in the chat reported it to Blizzard soon after, and the exploit was patched out of the game almost immediately.

Zack and some other players were using the exploit to funnel better loot for themselves, and although technically it wasn't a glitch, it did allow players to get better items than intended. While trading items, Asmongold came across a post on the game's official forum about him using the exploit and found out that the developers had patched it a few moments later.


As the realization dawned upon him, the Twitch star exclaimed incredulously:

"No way! No f*cking way they fixed it. No f*cking... Oh my god."

Minutes after Asmongold discusses a World of Warcraft loot exploit, viewer writes a post on the Blizzard forum requesting for it to get fixed


As a veteran World of Warcraft player, the OTK co-founder has thousands of streaming hours in the game. Along with fellow streamer McConnell, Asmongold was basically farming a loot exploit that allowed players to bag some incredibly good loot by bypassing certain restrictions.

Here is how he described it when an audience member asked why they were killing the same enemies over and over again:

"Basically, there is a chance that each one of these rares can drop a piece of gear. Now the pieces of gear that they can drop are on a fixed loot table. So what we can do is if you have one of the items that your character cannot use, you are automatically able to trade that item regardless of the item level and the restriction on loot."

As clearly stated by the streamer, the exploit would allow players to do things they were not supposed to, such as trade loot without any restrictions on levels. He further elaborated on how they were pulling it off:

"So what we are doing is we are inviting entire raids full of people that do not have our type of gears type. So people that are like leather, cloth, mages, etc. for like weapons, and then they still loot two-handed swords. But then when they loot the two-handed swords, because they cannot equip it, they are able to trade it regardless of its item level."

Asmongold continued to talk about the exploit, describing how they were getting higher-level players to get into the game so that the enemies could drop better loot:

"The people that have higher item level, we invited specifically because of their higher item level. And the higher item level causes them to drop higher versions of the gear, then are able to trade me and McConnell other higher versions of the gear."

After explaining the exploit, he even showed off a level 379 Emerald Tailbone that he presumably received by taking advantage of the exploit. However, his triumphant loot farming did not last for long, as a viewer took to Blizzard's World of Warcraft forums and wrote a post explaining the whole situation. Here is what it read:

"... I'm currently watching Asmongold exploiting loot tables and get funneled loot from world bosses... Blizz should look into this."

Timestamp 5:31:19

As the streamer's chat started spamming "snitch" and other words against the person, the streamer too was not pleased. McConnell even started abusing the person for going to Blizzard, and this is what Asmongold said:

"Yeah, you really are [a p*ssy]. Like, you're gonna try to snitch us out to Blizzard? Why? Just cause we're trying to get loot?"

Moments later, the exploit stopped working, and even though they tried to trigger it an extra time, it appeared that the developers had swiftly taken action to curb the problem. What ensued was a hilarious scene, with all the World of Warcraft players running away from the location as if they had to get away from a crime scene.


Fan reactions

Fans were quite amused by the entire incident. Here are some reactions:

Fans loved the last scene (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
Fans blamed the streamer for showing the World of Warcraft exploit to so many people (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

Asmongold is a veritable giant in the MMORPG streaming scene. His return to the main challenge stream a couple of days ago for the release of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion had over 180,000 viewers at its peak. Considering how many people saw him do the World of Warcraft loot exploit today, it is no wonder it got patched so quickly.

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