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IHC Esports claims PMGC 2023 title (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PMGC 2023 Grand Finals: Winners, prize pool distribution, MVP, individual awards, and overall standings 

After three days of thrilling competition featuring 16 PUBG Mobile teams, the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals wrapped up on December 10. Mongolia’s IHC Esports became world champions in emphatic style, accruing 142 points in 15 games of the Finale and claiming the winning prize of $400K. Zyol from their squad was crowned MVP for his stunning individual performances.

Stalwart Esports from Mongolia finished as the first runner-up with 138 points. The superstar unit grabbed three Chicken Dinners, the most in the Finals. The team was in contention for the coveted trophy until the final match, but missed out by only four points. After a tense run, Stalwart Esports claimed the second prize of $200K.


Alpha7 Esports faltered in their last six matches of the PMGC 2023 Finals and dropped from first to third in the overall standings with 131 points. The Brazilian squad had obtained 115 points in their first 12 matches but amassed a mere 16 on Day 3.

Prize pool distribution of PMGC 2023 Grand Finals

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The total prize money of the Championship was $3 million, of which $1.58 million was awarded in the League Stage. The Grand Finalists were rewarded $1.42 million. Each of these 16 finalists also gained $15,000 as a participation fee. Here is the prize money distribution during the Finale:

  • 1st place - $400,000 - IHC Esports
  • 2nd place- $200,000 - Stalwart Esports
  • 3rd place- $120,000 - Alpha7 Esports
  • 4th place- $80,000 - 4Merical Vibes
  • 5th place- $62,000 - D'Xavier
  • 6th place- $51,000 - Faze Clan
  • 7th place- $42,000 - NS RedForce
  • 8th place- $35,000 - Weibo Gaming
  • 9th place- $32,500 - TEC
  • 10th place- $30,000 - STE
  • 11th place- $27,000 - S2G Esports
  • 12th place- $25,000 - Loops Esports
  • 13th place- $22,500 - Persija Evos
  • 14th place- $20,000 - Major Pride
  • 15th place- $17,500 - Yoodo Alliance
  • 16th place- $15,000 - Morph

Individual awards

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  • Final MVP - Zyol (IHC)
  • Gunslinger - Zyol (IHC)
  • Grenade Master - Mela (Faze Clan)
  • Field Medic - Parajin (D’Xavier)

4Merical Vibes from Mongolia achieved fourth place in the PMGC Finale. Further down, D'Xavier and Faze Clan finished sixth and seventh, respectively. Weibo, TEC, and STE settled for eighth, ninth, and tenth positions.

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Loops Esports amazed everybody with their skills in the League Stage but failed to maintain their momentum in the PMGC Finals. The Brazilian side finished 12th in the PUBG Mobile mega tournament.

Persija Evos settled for 13th in the championship, having earned a Chicken Dinner in the process. The club consists of established players such as Zuxxy and Luxxy, but their performance left a lot to be desired.

Major Pride from Kazakhstan stumbled in this crucial round and ranked 14th on the overall scoreboard. The team surprised everyone during the Group Stage but couldn't replicate their form in the Finals. Morph from Indonesia appeared to buckle under pressure in the Finale as they finished 16th.

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