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Tencent announced roadmap for PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 (Image via Tencent)

PUBG Mobile announces host countries and prize pools for PMGO, PMWI, and PMGC 2024

On the opening day of the Global Championship 2023 Finals, Tencent announced its roadmap for the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024. The publisher has come up with some new tournaments and structures for next year, including PMWI, PMGC, PMSL, PMCO, and more.

Tencent will organize a total of three international tournaments of PUBG Mobile, which will be hosted in three different countries and will feature a total prize pool of $6.5 million. Apart from these events, the PMSL, a major regional contest, will be conducted in SEA, EMEA, the Americas, and Central & South Asia.


PUBG Mobile to host three global tournaments in 2024

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1) PMGO 2024 - Brazil (March and April)

PMGO 2024 will be played in Brazil (Image via Tencent)

Tencent unveiled a new international event called the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO). The inaugural edition of this major competition is planned in Brazil and will be the first global tournament to be played in this country.

A total of $500K has been allocated for this contest, scheduled in March and April 2024. The top clubs from around the world will be invited to compete in the PMGO.

2) PMWI 2024 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (July)

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational aka PMWI, is a prestigious event of the game played in the middle of every year. Like the previous two seasons, the third edition is also planned in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its prize pool will be the same as the 2022 edition, i.e. $3 million.


The company also announced that the upcoming season will witness a new and exciting format. However, they didn't reveal the number of participants and other details.

3) PMGC 2024 - United Kingdom (December)

PMGC 2024 features $3 million in prize money (Image via Tencent)

The Global Championship (PMGC) is the biggest tournament of the game, which was first introduced in 2020. In a surprise move, the company announced that the PMGC 2024 Finale would be organized in the United Kingdom. The total prize pool will be $3 million, similar to the ongoing edition. The best teams from each region will be selected for the Championship.

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For the upcoming year, Tencent has already announced the replacement of PMPL with PMSL in all four major regions. These PUBG Mobile Super League contests will also be played offline in the respective regions. Apart from these major contests, the publisher will organize the Club Open (PMCO) and other small tournaments in 2024.

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