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PMPL Brazil Spring kicks off on March 24 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Pro League Brazil 2023 Spring: Teams, format, schedule, and more

Starting on March 24, the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2023 Spring Brazil tournament will commence. It will feature 20 teams from the region vying for both the coveted title and a massive prize pool. The competition will take place in two phases: the League Stage, which spans six weeks, followed by the three-day Grand Finals.

The first phase, held between March 24 and April 30, will encompass a total of 18 match days. All participating teams will compete in a round-robin format, with matches exclusively held from Friday to Sunday. Subsequently, the top 16 squads will progress to the Grand Finals, occurring from May 5 to 7.


The top-ranked teams in the event will secure spots for the PMPL Americas Championship 2023 Spring, taking place from May 25 to 28.

PUBG Mobile Pro League 2023 Spring Brazil teams

The PMPL Brazil 2023 boasts the top twelve teams from its previous edition and eight from the PUBG Mobile National Championship Brazil 2022. The participating squad in the League phase are:

  1. Alpha 7 Esports
  2. Brazilian Killers
  3. Corinthians PUBGM
  4. Death Wolves
  5. GZM Esports
  6. Loops Esports
  7. Honored Souls
  8. INCO Gaming
  9. Influence Chemin
  10. Knife in Skull
  11. Mandrakes owl
  12. Rise Esports
  13. Smoke Esports
  14. Zebra Master
  15. Team Solid
  16. Solid Gaming
  17. Tuzzy Esports
  18. SYFY Esports
  19. Storm Gaming
  20. Flamengo Esports

Last month, Team Solid acquired the roster of Black Dragon Esports, the PMNC 2022 champions. The side exhibited their dominance by securing seven podium finishes in twelve matches played in the PUBG Mobile tournament.

The previous Pro League saw INCO Gaming emerge as champions, while Keyd held the top spot in the event's league standings. The fan-favorite Alpha 7 Esports secured the second position in both stages. Influence Chemin won the Americas Championship, while the other two spots on the podium were also taken by A7 Esports and ICO Gaming, respectively.


Having secured third place as the best-performing Brazilian team in the PMGC 2022, A7 Esports is now considered the leading contender for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League trophy. However, every match in the competition matters, as only the top teams from both the spring and fall splits will make it to the PMGC.

This season will once again witness an intense rivalry between two-star players, Federal and Carrilho, as they fight to claim the top spot. The former individual plays for Influence Chemin and has been the standout player in recent events. He presents an intriguing challenge for Carrilho, and it will be fascinating to see how the latter fares this season.

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