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PMSL Day 4 ended on March 25. (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) 2023 Spring Day 4: Overall standings, teams' performance overview, and more

The penultimate day of the first week of PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL): Spring SEA concluded today, March 25. After four days of intense action between the 20 best Southeast Asian teams, VOIN Esports holds the pole position. The team displayed consistency today as well, ending with 203 points and 134 eliminations. Although they got only one chicken dinner in 24 games, their multiple high-ranked finishes and many frags helped them maintain their top spot.

Thai team HAIL Esports was in the second spot at the end of the day. The side who started their climb on Day 2 had a fabulous outing today as well, ending up with 179 points and 108 frags. They were also able to secure a chicken dinner.


The third place after 24 games was occupied by Malaysian squad SEM9. This team too has remained consistent throughout PMSL Week 1. Although the side had an average outing today, they still secured 163 points and 96 kills.

Popular Thai team Vampire Esports, who had a wonderful outing yesterday, continued their merry run today. With multiple top placements and a high-frag chicken dinner, the side secured 4th place with 145 points to their name.

PMSL: Day 4 match-wise overview

Overall standings after PMSL Day 4. (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Popular Indonesian team Persija EVOS started off with a bang, getting a chicken dinner in the first game of the day. The side cleverly navigated into the final circle and secured the victory with nine frags. Vampire Esports displayed their survival instincts in this match as they crawled their way to second place with a single frag. The third place went to Vietnamese squad D'Xavier, who had two kills to their name.

In the second game of PMSL Day 4, HAIL Esports emerged victorious with five kills. However, it was SEM9 who made a memorable impression in this match, claiming 13 eliminations and finishing in the second spot after an exciting display of their gun power and skills. Yoodoo Alliance from Malaysia also had a great outing as they finished third with six kills.


The third and fourth games played on Erangel were won by Vampire Esports and D'Xavier, respectively. Both these veteran squads showed their class and skill, claiming victory with 15 and 13 kills, respectively. They collected chicken dinners in a dominating fashion, eliminating anyone who came in their vicinity.


HAIL Esports and Bigetron Red Villains also played well in these games, adding much-needed points to their tally.

Alva grabbed 44 kills in his 24 matches in PMSL. (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Veteran Malaysian squad Team Secret popped off in the fifth game of PMSL Day 4 and secured a chicken dinner with nine kills. The team finally found their footing in this game after struggling in the previous matches, carefully paving the way to their second victory of the tournament.

VOIN Esports, who were quiet up till this point in the day, also found their form and finished second with 10 kills. BTR RV finished third, playing well and adding 11 frags to their tally.

Yoodo Alliance's persistence paid off as they were finally able to secure a chicken dinner in the final game of PMSL Day 4 with eight frags. This victory helped the team finish in the top 5 standings as the day ended. Geek Slate, another Malaysian side, secured second place in this match with six kills, while VOIN Esports had another great game, finishing third with eight eliminations.

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