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Persija Esports secured first position in PMSL Week 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) Spring Week 2 Day 3: Overall scoreboard, highlights, and more

The third day of the PMSL Spring Week 2 saw delightful performances from Persija Evos and HAIl Esports, which led both teams to the first and second spots on the weekly scoreboard. They possess 161 and 143 points, respectively. FaZe Clan had no matches on Day 3, so the team fell to third place. Boom Esports, with 127 points and 76 frags, occupied the fourth spot after their 18 games.

Moreover, Thai sides Bacon Time and RRQ held the fifth and ninth positions with 105 and 76 points, respectively. Bigetron Esports didn't have a good day, as the Indonesian team had only garnered 19 points in their last six matches. According to the scoreboard, popular squad Team Secret is having a difficult time, as they have only managed to gather 33 points out of 18 matches. This side is in the last spot.


Match-wise winners of PMSL Spring Week 2 Day 3

Match 1

PMSL Week 2 standings after Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The first game saw an early fight between Team Secret and SEM9 break out on Sanhok, in which the former eliminated the latter successfully. The Malaysian side, however, came third with 10 points. Alter Ego was the winner of this opening game with eight kills. Boom Esports also played amazingly and earned 16 points.


Match 2

Continuing their fantastic form, Indonesian team Boom Esports finished another game, obtaining an 8-kill victory. SLD and Persija Evos collected 16 and 10 points, respectively. Meanwhile, Alter Ego lost their momentum and scored only one point in the second game.

Match 3

The third battle saw an intense ending, where HAIL Esports successfully defeated their enemies to grab a 12-kill Chicken Dinner. Indonesian team Persija Evos and Myanmar's GE showcased some resistance and managed to acquire 11 points each.


Match 4

This game saw almost the same type of performances from the top three teams from Match 4. HAIL gained their second victory of the PMSL Day 3 with 12 kills. Evos and GE accumulated 14 and 11 points, respectively.

Match 5

Boom Esports, playing strategically on Miramar, took the top position with 13 kills. HAIL and Presija Evos, on the other hand, amassed 12 and 11 points, maintaining their impressive form.


Match 6

HAIL Esports remained unstoppable in the sixth game of the PMSL Week 2 Day 3, obtaining their third Chicken Dinner in their last six games. RRQ also did their best to score 12 points. Meanwhile, GE and BTR were unable to add any points to their names.

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