PUBG New State Challenger Finale will wrap up on January 27 (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

PUBG New State Pro Series India Challenger Finale Day 2: Teams, schedule, Day 1 overview, and more

After an action-packed Day 1 on January 26, the top 24 teams in the PUBG New State Challenger Finale are gearing up for the stage's second and final day. Some popular teams failed to perform well in the first four matches they played on the opening day.

The very first looks from Day 1 The heat is real when these pros are here for a challenging yet thrilling time!

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That said, Day 2 will be quite important for all the squads. This is because, after the completion of all their matches today, January 27, the top 16 squads will seal their positions in the Grand Finale, while the rest of the teams will be out of the tournament.

PUBG New State Challenger Finale Day 2 map order, teams, and more

The second day will see six encounters starting at 5 pm IST and will have the same map rotation as yesterday.

Match 1: Erangel - Group A vs. B


Match 2: Troi - Group A vs. B

Match 3: Erangel - Group A vs. C

Match 4: Troi - Group A vs. C

Match 5: Erangel - Group B vs. C

Match 6: Troi - Group B vs. C



Here are all the teams who'll be seen playing on Day 2:

Group A

  1. Team ESN
  2. GodLike Esports
  3. Reckoning Esports
  4. Deadrow Esports
  5. Udog India
  6. FS Esports
  7. Hyderabad Hydas
  8. Big Brothers

Group B

  1. True Rippers Esports
  2. Chemin Esports
  3. Kingman
  4. Revenant
  5. Global Esports
  6. Team Tamilas
  7. Team XO
  8. S8UL

Group C

  1. Team Insane
  2. The World of Battle
  3. Skylightz Gaming
  4. Team Zero Gravity
  5. Wanted Gaming
  6. Nexgen
  7. Gods Reign
  8. Team XSpark
Check the Overall Rankings of SPS NEW STATE MOBILE Challenger Finale Day 1!!

Team S8UL, Team GodLike, Team Xo & Team Tamilas showed strong competitiveness!!
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PUBG New State Challenger Finale Day 1 highlights

Day 1 of the Challenger Finale saw popular team S8UL Esports claim the pole position in a dominating fashion. They grabbed three Chicken Dinners and collected 70 points and 38 eliminations from their four matches.

GodLike also had a mesmerizing outing on the first day, securing 45 points with 33 frags. Although the team couldn't get a Chicken Dinner, their consistent performances in all their games guaranteed them the second spot. Reflexer from GodLike played really well and was the top performer in his squad.

Team XO, too, showed their class and experience. They held the third spot at the end of Day 1. Although they couldn't collect many placement points, the 24 kills they acquired helped them climb the leaderboard. Overall, they collected 30 points in four games.

The very first looks from Day 1 The heat is real when these pros are here for a challenging yet thrilling time!

Who's going to take the lead on day 2?

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The top squads will be aiming to hold on to their seats after the end of all their matches in the PUBG New State Challenger today. The squads placed 17th to 24th will have to improve their gameplay if they want to qualify for the Grand Finale.

Among the popular teams, Team XSpark, UDOG India, and Revenant Esports faltered on Day 1 and will have to up their game and enter the competition on Day 2 with a fresh mindset.

Other squads, including Gods Reign — who have performed quite well recently — are barely hanging on to the qualification spots. They also need to make big feats today to keep their hopes of reaching the PUBG New State Grand Finale alive.


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