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Racist swatter promises Adin Ross that he will continue to harass him until he stops bringing Black people on stream

Adin Ross has been plagued by swatters disrupting his streams by calling the cops on him while he is live. Within the past few months, the Twitch streamer has been the victim of several swatting attempts. He was swatted twice in November alone, but yesterday's revelation about the swatter's motivation has shocked the streaming community.

While streaming yesterday, Adin told the community that he has been in contact with the person behind all the harassment and that he was warned not to have Black people on his stream. The racist remark did not go unnoticed, and people rallied to the streamer's support when he rejected the idea of not having people appear on stream due to the color of their skin.

"Oh okay. Basically, chat, he said until I stop having Black people on my stream, I'm gonna get swatted."

Adin Ross hits back at racist swatter, says he will continue to have Black people on stream despite threats

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The popular Just Chatting streamer has been swatted a whopping five times in total this year since August, with most happening while he was streaming on Twitch.

It is important to note that Adin Ross appears to have spoken to the suspect before and had quite an illuminating conversation. After it happened again on stream yesterday, he and a bunch of his friends discussed what the swatter wanted. One of the people present asked Adin to reveal the swatter's exact demands:

"You can't have what on your stream?"

Adin Ross proceeded to explain how the swatting was not going to stop until he stopped having Black people on his streams. The group collectively agreed that it was an incredibly regressive and bigotted take and started dissing the guy:

"The kid's a f*cking waste... the kid is f*cking weird."

Swatting is quite a dangerous phenomenon, and people have been known to get hurt in the past, but Adin Ross held firm. He vehemently rebuked the racist attempt to bully him and committed to not agreeing to the swatter's demands:

"The dude literally said, 'Adin Ross, until you stop having Black people on your stream, I'm gonna continue to swat you.' Well, you gonna swat me every day, bro. I don't care. You're racist as f**k, bro. You're weird as f**k, bro. That sh*t is so weird and strange."

Social media reactions


After Adin Ross posted clips of the police coming to the penthouse apartment on Twitter and talked about it on stream, many on social media called upon the authorities to stop this from happening. A couple of people even shared screenshots from the alleged swatter that showed a poll that he had posted about calling in a bomb threat:

@adinross These guys are fr ruining you, you gotta contact the higher ups.
@adinross I hope this person gets caught and goes to jail for a long ass time. You don’t deserve this.
@adinross Love you bro sorry you going though this
@adinross At this point it’s the districts fault for letting the swatters bypass them every time and they still fall for it
@speedy_locs23 @adinross That documentary on Netflix is called “Web Of Make Belief: Death By Swat” if you want to know what swatting is
@adinross This is so sad how do the police not understand its a joke by now
@adinross Can’t you inform the swat team/police so when they get a call to your address they call you first or come around to do a check up first?
@adinross The person who started this mess should be held accountable for false accusations.

I’m done bro. I really got swatted again please stop whoever’s doing it.

There has been quite a lot of high-profile swatting in 2022, with Adin Ross and IShowSpeed making numerous headlines. Clips of the latter's arrest have sparked outrage on social media. Trans streamer and activist Keffals was also severely traumatized after someone doxxed her in her Canadian home.

Doxxing and swatting are criminal offenses under US Federal Law, and while many may see it as a prank or joke, there have been fatalities in such situations in the past. Take, for example, the infamous 2017 Wichita Swatting incident where a person died as a direct consequence of a vitriolic swatter.

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