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  • "Somebody who's banned on Twitch" - Online community speculates after Adin Ross claims Kick has signed a “mega-superstar” streamer
Fans discuss who could be the "mega-superstar" streamer that Kick signed (Image via Sportskeeda)

"Somebody who's banned on Twitch" - Online community speculates after Adin Ross claims Kick has signed a “mega-superstar” streamer

On March 26, 2023, prominent esports personality Jake "JakeSucky" took to Twitter to reveal that internet influencer Adin Ross claimed Kick was about to sign a "mega-superstar" streamer in the coming week. His tweet stated:

"Adin Ross says that Kick has a “mega-superstar” streamer signing to their platform in the next week."
Adin Ross says that Kick has a “mega super star” streamer signing to their platform in the next week

Very interesting if true, who do y’all think it could be?

The social media update received over 7,900 likes, and more than 425 community members joined the discussion thread. With many fans wondering which popular streamer would be signed to the platform, Twitch partner and Counter-Strike veteran rellim commented:

"Somebody who's banned on Twitch, or keeps getting banned, lol."
@JakeSucky somebody who's banned on Twitch, or keeps getting banned, lol.


Online community believes BruceDropEmOff or Dr DisRespect could be the "mega-superstar" streamer joining Kick

Several notable streaming personalities weighed in on Jake's tweet, with TDAWG, a popular Call of Duty content creator, suggesting that Herschel "Guy," aka "Dr DisRespect," could be the platform's potential "mega-superstar":

Meanwhile, Twitter user @uni05tv shared a screenshot of the controversial Twitch streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff's" official channel and commented:

@JakeSucky I am just going to leave this here

One community member wondered whether the contracts offered to popular content creators come from the platform or the gambling website, Stake. They recalled Tyler "Trainwreckstv" allegedly saying that the platform would not offer "huge multi-million dollar" streamer contracts:

@JakeSucky Honest question are these Kick deals or Stake deals?

I thought Train was saying they weren’t going to do these huge multi-million dollar streamer contracts on the platform
@UrbanCDN @JakeSucky Its all the same money at this point.

They should have like affiliates, partner and last step is stake deal for everyone on kick.

Twitter user @Lawnnn_ speculated that indefinitely banned Twitch streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon" would be the next one to be signed:


According to @Thereal_MattMad, they were "almost 95% sure" that One True King (OTK) co-founder Zack "Asmongold" was the "mega-superstar" streamer to join Kick:

@JakeSucky Almost 95% sure its @Asmongold, if I can read the tea leaves correctly
@Thereal_MattMad @JakeSucky @Asmongold Asmon had all the money he could ever need, and I doubt he’d want to commit to the terms of a contract that Kick would offer.

Here are some more fan speculations:

@JakeSucky Speed leaked it was him about 15 min ago! He had it in the background of his PC and someone caught it
@JakeSucky I do believe it's ya boiiiii!!!! @Asmongold
@JakeSucky Gotta be Dr Disrespect or Kai Cenat

Since its release on December 6, 2023, the Trainwreckstv-backed platform has signed up some of the most popular Twitch and YouTube content creators. Adin Ross has been the most significant signing to date.

He announced his move on February 13, 2023, after claiming that Twitch "threatened him" and told him not to discuss contentious things on his channel. Before getting indefinitely banned from the Amazon-owned platform, Ross stated:

"So guys! I'm not permanently, full-time going there. I want to feel it out, and I want to make sure my community f**ks with it too. So I'll still stream on Twitch if that's what you guys want. But what I will say is this. I'm going to Kick this week!"

Timestamp: 20:30

Most recently, political commentator Steven "Destiny" announced his move to join the Twitch competitor. During a livestream on March 19, the Nebraska native revealed that he had signed a new contract with Kick and was on a three-month probationary period. During this tenure, he will host eight exclusive broadcasts per month.

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