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  • Team S8UL and FS Esports to represent India in Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 Tokyo 
Team S8UL and FS Esports advanced to Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Team S8UL and FS Esports to represent India in Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 Tokyo 

Team S8UL won the Pokemon UNITE India Championship title after outplaying FS Esports in this event's Grand Finals. The contest saw 13 teams fighting it out on June 4. Now, both the aforementioned teams will represent India in the World Championship 2023 tournament, which will take place in August in Yokohama, Tokyo, and have a cash prize pool of $500,000.

World Championships 2023 Qualifiers
India Regional Finals Results

Here are the teams that qualified for the Pokémon WCS2023 "Pokémon UNITE" division that is held in August!

Champions: @S8ulesports
Runner-up: FS Esports



Team S8UL displayed a phenomenal comeback in Pokemon UNITE India Championship after losing their second match against Final Revolution in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and being relegated to the Lower Bracket.

FS Esports displayed outstanding and consistent performances in all their matches except the Grand Finals one.


Team S8UL and FS Esports qualify for Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023

Conquering the Unite Realm

Our Team Emerges Victorious, becoming the CHAMPIONS of WCS Pokémon Unite 2023 India Qualifiers!
The boys battled their way through fierce competitions and conquered with great skill & teamwork.


#WCS #PokemonUnite

After securing the May Qualifier's runners-up seat, Team S8UL earned a spot in the one-day India Championship. They won their first encounter against Attitude Breakers but failed to defeat Final Revolution in their second game. However, they reactivated their rampage mode in the Lower Bracket after hammering True Rippers and Team Griffins, one after the other.

We are heading into a reset match since @S8ulesports won 2-0 against FS Esports in the Grand finals!

Stay tuned, this isn't over yet!


In the Lower Bracket Semifinals, Team S8UL faced star-studded opponents Gods Reign and eventually managed to overcome them as well with a score of 2-1. They then battled it out against another experienced Pokemon UNITE squad in the same bracket called Revenant Esports and successfully came out on top again.

Team S8UL then reached the Grand Finals to face FS Esports, who had entered this stage without losing a match. This ultimate bout was expected to be a tough clash between the Finalists. However, FS Esports lost all the momentum they'd gained during this crucial game.


On the other hand, Team S8UL maintained their flow and successfully beat their opponents to lift the Pokemon UNITE India Championship 2023 trophy.


For their first-place finish, this fan-favorite squad was awarded a cash prize of $15,000. FS Esports and Revenant took home $7,500 and $6,000, respectively. Besides that, the organizers distributed a total prize pool of $37,000 between the top eight performers.

The Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 will feature a total of 32 teams from around the globe competing for its grand title. The winner will grab $100,000 in prize money. Orangutan's Taiwan lineup has already earned a seat in this upcoming Championship.


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