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  • "That psychopath" - QTCinderella reacts to her boyfriend Ludwig spending $13,100 on Golden Kappa instead of date with her
QTCinderella discovered Ludwig spent $13.1k on the Golden Kappa (Image via QTCinderella/X)

"That psychopath" - QTCinderella reacts to her boyfriend Ludwig spending $13,100 on Golden Kappa instead of date with her

During a livestream on October 3, 2023, Twitch streamer Blaire "QTCinderella" went over items auctioned off at an event that she recently held. For context, the content creator hosted The Gala for Good on October 2, 2023, where several prominent internet personalities donated their belongings to raise funds for organizations such as Rainforest Foundation US, Rainforest Trust, Rainforest Alliance, WWF, and Amazon Watch.

Additionally, 12 streamers, including QTCinderella, were also up for "date auctions." This was a playful way for attendees to compete for the opportunity to collaborate.


While reviewing the auction items, the Los Angeles-based content creator noticed that the Golden Kappa, which was donated by Twitch, had received a staggering bid of $13,100. She later realized it was her boyfriend, "Ludwig" Ahgren, who had spent the money on this.

Expressing her surprise at her significant other not buying a date with her and instead bidding tens of thousands of dollars on the Golden Kappa, QTCinderella said:

"Oh, my gosh, that psychopath! All right, Pluto, I guess you know you know who to give it to, Pluto. Let's wait for the payment to go through, huh?"

"That's my boyfriend!" - QTCinderella reacts to Ludwig bidding $13,100 on Golden Kappa at her auction


During the recent broadcast, QTCinderella was curious about how much the Golden Kappa had sold for at The Gala for Good. When the streamer saw that someone bid $13,100, she exclaimed:

"Okay, so how much did the Kappa go for? The Kappa donated by Twitch. 13 freaking k!"
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Blaire then noticed that the individual used the moniker "Coots," which is also Ludwig and her pet cat's name. She wondered if it was her boyfriend who bid so outrageously high on the item or an impersonator:

"Oh, my gosh! Is that Ludwig or is it an impersonator? We don't know. I texted him, I asked him if it was him. He didn't reply."

According to some viewers, Ludwig seemingly confirmed that he purchased the Golden Kappa for $13,100. In response, the Streamer Awards host said:

"That's my boyfriend! He didn't buy a date with me but he bought this? He said on his stream."

Here's the screenshot of the final bid made for the item:

$13,100 was the final bid for the Golden Kappa (Image via tiltify.com)

Fans react

The YouTube comments section featured a handful of reactions. Here's what they had to say:

Fans share their thoughts on the streamer's clip (Image via YouTube)

QTCinderella is a renowned Just Chatting personality who joined the Amazon-owned platform in 2018. She currently has 942,434 followers and averages over 7k viewers per stream.

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