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How to fix "Can't invite friends" error in The Finals (Image via The Finals)

The Finals "Can't invite friends" error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

The Finals has officially gone live. After the launch trailer debuted at The Game Awards 2023, this long-awaited co-op first-person shoot is now available for everyone to play. However, the moment seems to be already turning sour as players are reporting a peculiar "Can't invite friends" error. Given that they could add and invite friends during the beta stage, this is rather odd.

The error seems to occur when players try to invite friends in-game. This is likely due to the surge of players logging in and asking their friends to join them. Nevertheless, The Finals "Can't invite friends" error is putting a spoke in the wheel and hindering the experience. Thankfully, there are a few potential fixes that you can try to solve the issue temporarily.


How to fix "Can't invite friends" error in The Finals

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As mentioned, with The Finals officially launching a few hours ago, there is a surge of players. As such, there are likely technical issues that have arisen due to the stress the servers are under. Due to this reason, players could be unable to invite friends. Here are a few workarounds that you can try to fix the "Can't invite friends'' error


1) Log out and back in to the game

Since The Finals "Can't invite friends" error is minor at best, it may be possible to solve it by logging out and back into the game. At times, due to the load on the server, certain in-game functions may be limited or stop working. This is not an uncommon issue for a multiplayer game to face on launch day. As mentioned, with a sudden influx of players, the servers could be strained to breaking point.

2) Check the game file's integrity


If The Finals "Can't invite friends" error persists after logging out and logging back in again, you may want to check the integrity of the game's file. At times, for reasons unknown, certain files tend to get corrupted while being downloaded. This is not a major issue, and after verifying the files, the problem should be fixed. Keep in mind that this process could take some time, so be prepared to wait for a while.

3) Wait for an official fix

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If the aforementioned fails to fix the "Can't invite friends" error, it would be best to wait for the developers to issue an official fix. With this being the launch day of the game, the developers will be actively investigating issues being faced by the majority of the community. As such, it should not take very long for a fix to be implemented. It is a minor glitch/bug or inconvenient at best.

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