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  • "This guy is crazy" - The Mountain commends Erobb221 for carrying weights despite having a broken finger
The Mountain praises Erobb221 (Image via Sportskeeda)

"This guy is crazy" - The Mountain commends Erobb221 for carrying weights despite having a broken finger

Hafþór "The Mountain" Julius Björnsson recently took to his Twitch channel to react to the Austin troops taking on a Strongman challenge in their gym during Camp Knut.

A strongman training routine usually includes pulling, pushing or carrying a heavy object or weight. The Mountain or Thor has won titles in Strongman competitions such as the Arnold Strongman Classic, World's Strongest Man, and Europe's Strongest Man.


In the video, he reacted to Eric "Erobb221" successfully picking up a weight bag and completing the challenge despite having a broken finger. Thor was thoroughly impressed and exclaimed:

"This guy is crazy."

The Mountain calls Erobb221 a "warrior" for his impressive effort


It is no secret that Thor is a mountain of a man himself, one who is used to carrying incredibly heavy weights. So, to get praise from the former World's Strongest Man himself is an impressive achievement in itself.

Erobb221 injured his finger earlier last week while playing flag football. However, it did not stop him from partaking in the Strongman competition organized by the training camp's participants.

Seeing Eric pick up the first weight and successfully cross the finish line, Hafþór exclaimed:

"Holy sh*t! I can't believe this guy is doing this with a broken finger! What the hell!"

He further continued, calling the act "impressive":

"He's doing it with a broken finger, it's pretty impressive actually!

(Timestamp: 1:32:11)

After successfully picking up the first weight bag, Eric attempted to pick up the second one, which was heavier. While he failed to make it, Thor was amazed at the effort put in by the OTK member and added:

"I love the effort by this guy! I love the effort by this guy! This guy is my favourite I think. Like he's trying his best with a broken finger. I love that...I love a warrior, a guy that never gives up!"

It wasn't just The Mountain who was amazed at his travails as even the Camp Knut members chimed in with their tributes.

Fans react to Erobb221's impressive work

Fans pitched in with their praise as well towards the streamer. They pointed out that both the brothers, Erobb221 and Tyler1, have a warrior spirit within them. Here are some of the comments that were shared in the r/LivestreamFail post:


It remains to be seen how Eric will respond to such high praise from Hafþór himself when and if he sees it. The former World's Strongest Man was also invited to train with the members of Camp Knut in Asutin by Mizkif. Fans will be elated to see Knut and Hafþór side-by-side.

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