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  • "They're an idiot" - Andrew Tate slams Adin Ross for introducing him to streamer friends, calls xQc "autistic"
Andrew Tate throws shade at xQc (Image via Sportskeeda)

"They're an idiot" - Andrew Tate slams Adin Ross for introducing him to streamer friends, calls xQc "autistic"

Streamer and co-owner of Kick, Adin Ross, made a comeback to streaming alongside his trusted ally and long-time mentor, Andrew Tate. As usual, their collaborative streams never fail to captivate and entertain, and today's stream was no exception. During the stream, however, Andrew Tate threw some shade at fellow Kick streamer Felix "xQc."

For context, both xQc and Andrew had been engaged in a feud last year, which Adin mediated by hosting a so-called debate between the two. Andrew, known for his overtly masculine persona and distinctive lifestyle choices, naturally clashed with xQc, who held a different philosophy and perspective.


Today, when Adin Ross suggested introducing one of his newer friends, Andrew Tate scolded Adin for bringing around his peculiar acquaintances, like xQc, with whom he had clashed in the past. Describing the juicer, Andrew said:

"xQc, who seemed nice enough, but he screamed in autistic rage all day long."

Andrew Tate hits back at Adin Ross' streamer friends, trolls N3on as well


In 2022, Andrew Tate and xQc engaged in a heated debate over their life philosophies. For instance, Andrew Tate asserted that women are not skilled drivers, whereas xQc argued that this claim was based on stereotypes.

Nonetheless, the entire debate became a viral moment when it occurred, and the two haven't crossed paths since. However, xQc is not the only streamer friend that Adin Ross has introduced. Earlier this year, Adin also welcomed Rangesh "N3on," another Kick streamer, who had a similar clash with Andrew during a live stream. Speaking about N3on, Andrew Tate said:

"Some kid, some McLovin kid who got beat up like a week later. Who else is there?"

(Timestamp: 16:06)

For those who may not be familiar, Andrew was referring to an incident involving N3on when a group of individuals reportedly assaulted him. They not only took his phone but also filmed the entire incident, subsequently uploading it to N3on's own official Twitter/X account.

What did xQc's fans say about the clip?

The clip was actually shared by one of xQc's YouTube pages dedicated to clips. The video garnered a host of comments. Here are some of them:

Fans react to the recent clip involving the streamers (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)

Interestingly, Andrew Tate's participation in the stream wasn't the most viral moment. Instead, it was Howard X, a professional impersonator of Kim Jong Un, who stole the spotlight and became the talk of the town. Read more about the story here.

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