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  • "This is soulless" - Kwebbelkop's announcement of his AI 2.0 doing reaction content sparks outrage
Fans remain critical of Kwebbelkop 2.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)

"This is soulless" - Kwebbelkop's announcement of his AI 2.0 doing reaction content sparks outrage

YouTube veteran Jordi Maxim van den Bussche, or Kwebbelkop (15.1 million subscribers), has once again stirred up the drama by reintroducing his AI-generated self on his YouTube channel. His initial attempt with an animated AI, the 1.0 version, didn't quite hit the mark with his fans. This time, he's unveiled the 2.0 version, which portrays his real-life self enhanced through AI.

The YouTuber had previously apologized for the shortcomings of the 1.0 version and unveiled the 2.0 iteration. Yesterday (September 25), he debuted and took to Twitter/X for feedback. However, it seems that despite his efforts, fans remained dissatisfied. One fan wrote:

"This is soulless."
Fans remain unimpressed by the 2.0 version (Image via Twitter/X)


Kwebbelkop's AI experiment fails to captivate the internet

In August 2023, Kwebbelkop introduced his initial AI rendition of himself. Given that it was animated, he effectively transformed into a VTuber. Nonetheless, due to the negative reception, he recently posted a video on his social media channels earlier this month, clarifying that he's retracting the previous version and preparing to launch a new one.


Yesterday, he marked his return with a debut video titled "ROBLOX BREAK IN... (Story)." The YouTuber can be seen using the new AI-generated version of himself while providing commentary during a Roblox game session. The video has only amassed slightly more than 42K views in about one day since its release.

As expected, the original YouTube video received a significant amount of criticism from his fans, with many expressing their desire for the real him to make an appearance instead of relying on a low-effort AI video. Here are some of the notable comments made on the YouTube video:

Fans critical of the YouTuber for his low-effort video (Image via YouTube)

The latest update to Kwebbelkop's AI now allows it to create reaction videos. However, even with this addition, it hasn't been able to regain favor with his fans, as his X post/tweet announcing the update also attracted criticism. Here are some relevant reactions made on X:

Fans over at Twitter/X remain disgruntled (Image via Twitter/X)

Amidst the flurry of critical comments, it's evident that many fans are unimpressed by his AI experiments and continue to demand the presence of his real self. Whether Kwebbelkop will make further adjustments to his YouTube endeavors in response to this feedback remains to be seen.

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