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What is stream embeds and why is Twitch CEO going after Fextralife (Image via Fextralife, Twitch)

Twitch streamer claims CEO Dan Clancy will take action against channels abusing the stream embed feature, starting with Fextralife

Twitch star KingGothalion has claimed that the platform's CEO, Dan Clancy, plans to take action against those who abuse the stream embed to inflate views, and gaming site Fextralife is apparently on top of the list. The feature has been a point of contention for quite some time, with many critics saying some content creators abuse it to artificially increase their concurrent viewership.

For those unaware, the stream embed feature allows people to directly link their livestreams to other websites. While on paper, this can help content creators promote their channels, it can also make the livestream susceptible to viewer inflation. This is because anyone who accesses the page with the embed, regardless of their intentions, counts as a viewer.


Fextralife's Twitch channel has been at the center of the controversy, with streamers like Asmongold openly calling on the platform to take action against them.

Now, KingGothalion has claimed that Clancy might be going after the channel by manually blocking their embeds.


Twitch CEO allegedly asks KingGothalion to come up with a list of worst stream embed offenders


During his latest livestream, KingGothalion claimed that he received an email from none other than Dan Clancy, the CEO of Twitch.

According to KingGothalion, Clancy told him that while having dinner with CohhCarnage, the two had come up with a plan to prevent content creators from abusing the stream embed feature.

KingGothalion read out the email:

"Had dinner with Cohh (CohhCarnage) tonight and we (Dan Clancy and CohhCarnage) were talking about embeds, we were looking at ways to solve it without the downside impact. There was an idea that I (Twitch CEO) floated with Cohh that we discussed, had a question for you(KingGothalion)."

He then claimed that Clancy wanted to stop stream embed abuse by disabling auto-play for the top offenders:

"The idea is to do something quick by identifying a list of the worst offenders and prevent autoplay on these websites. Again, this is a quick and dirty thing we can do easily, while we think about a better long-term plan."

Timestamp 0:15:34

According to KingGothalion, Dan Clancy then asked him to come up with a short list of the biggest channels that are abusing the stream embed feature, starting with Fextralife:

"So my question to you is, my understanding is that there is a shortlist of the worst offenders starting with Fextralife. Can you rattle off the worst offenders right now? I have the data team trying to find a good way to detect the worst of these. And it's good to have a short list of these worst offenders."

Reactions from r/LivestreamFail

Subreddit r/LivestreamFail welcomed the fact that Twitch was willing to stop the abuse of the stream embed feature. Here are a couple of general reactions to KingGothalion's comments:


View-botting is a serious accusation, and Fextralife is not the first Twitch channel to face such allegations. A few months ago, Kick CEO Ed Craven also talked about making changes to tackle view-botting on their relatively new platform.


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