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Stranger dumped a burning cigarette into a Twitch streamer's bag (Image via DandyInTheBronx/Twitch)

"What a scumbag": Viewers react as stranger puts a lit cigarette into unaware Twitch streamer's backpack on camera

Redditors of r/LivestreamFail have sternly condemned the actions of a stranger after he was seen putting a lit cigarette into an unaware Twitch streamer's backpack while the latter was livestreaming. Content creator DandyInTheBronx was out in New York City playing the popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go when the incident occurred.

An older gentleman quickly alerted the streamer of the burnt cigarette that had been dropped into his backpack, potentially saving him from property damage as smoke could still be seen rising out of it. The clip has garnered a strong reaction from the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail, where many vocally called out the actions of the stranger.


One Redditor by the name esoe_ wrote:

"What a scumbag... Karma is a b"

Watch: Stranger dumps a lit cigarette into a Pokemon Go streamer's bag, gets saved by older gentleman


DandyInTheBronx was out in the streets of New York City playing Pokemon GO. While leaning on what appeared to be a bus stop, he was trying to catch a particularly stubborn Scizor, a grass and steel-type Pokemon. Fully engrossed in the game and talking to the chat, he had no idea when a man approached him from behind.

The stranger in a green hoodie had a lit cigarette in his hands as he essentially snuck up to the streamer before scurrying off after dumping it into the backpack. An older man walking on the same sidewalk noticed the event and could be seen looking around frantically before hurrying up to the content creator and alerting him about the burning cigarette.

The streamer was unaware of what had occurred and asked him:

"What's up?"

After the helpful older gentleman pulls out the cigarette, DandyInTheBronx looked quite surprised and thanked him for helping out:

"Oh wow, that's crazy. Wow, thank you so much sir!"

Timestamp 0:38:46

After thanking him profusely, the streamer explained what had happened to his audience and even showed the cigarette that had been inside the bag:

"Um, someone put a burning cigarette in my backpack. That was actually the scariest thing and a gentleman probably just saw the smoke out of my bag. I am not going to touch the cigarette, but. Someone put that cigarette in my backpack and that gentleman. "

Viewers were naturally horrified by the behavior, with many on social media talking about it. Here are some reactions from Reddit with a lot of praise for the old man who helped DandyInTheBronx.


IRL streaming has a tendency to go off the rails as creators have very little control over what can happen on camera in public. Earlier this year, Twitch chat helped a creator spot a man trying to enter her car, possibly thwarting a case of theft or assault.

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