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"Where did that come from?!" - YourRAGE left speechless after hearing Destiny's edgy comments

Twitch streamer Josh "YourRAGE" responded to Steven "Destiny's" embarrassing remarks about the former. The whole drama stemmed from a clip where Destiny was heard generalizing both Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed as being part of a group he described as "Black zoomer streamer."

Following that remark, many streamers have chimed in with their views, including xQc and Kai Cenat himself. YourRAGE, in a recent video, condemned Steven's comments and said that his initial comments were racist in nature.


Destiny, who in turn replied to Josh's first reply by stating that he is glad that he doesn't have to "bow down" and "kiss his f**king boots." In his second response video, YourRAGE exclaimed:

“Where did that come from?!”

"It's annoying to me" - YourRAGE criticized Destiny for his "edgy" take


Destiny took to his stream to respond to YouRAGE's first reply. According to the former, he was glad that he didn't have to vouch for streamers who try to garner "pity" due to their race. Destiny said:

"The last thing I f**king want is to vouch for some f**king loser, one should I bow down and kiss his f**king boots because he's black. I can't think of a single f**king thing in the world I could care less about than being one of those c*ck in Seattle that's walking around like kneeling in front of Black people and saying like, 'I worship you'."

YourRAGE, in his second response, said:

"I literally explained how it's annoying to me like, if there's a white streamer that I like or content creator and they say some like, you know some edgy sh*t, some sh*t that might come off as racist to my chat cause they don't understand like the way he talks and sh*t."

(Timestamp: 01:00:41)

YourRAGE continued:

"so now I gotta like explain how it might be like, 'Yo, it's not like this,' and now I'm looking like a rac**n with a 'ra' to my community."

"Classic destiny" - Fans react to Josh's latest response


The drama has spilled over to different parts of the internet. The recent chapter of the controversy made its way to the popular live-streaming subreddit r/LivestreamFail, which garnered a lot of reactions.

Here are some of the notable comments:


With so many individuals already involved in the drama, it remains to be seen if there will be any further comments from any of the creators involved. To read about Kai Cena's response to Destiny's initial remarks, click here.

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