World of Goo 2 is the sequel fans have wanted for ages and it was revealed in a trailer at The Game Awards 2023 (Image via 2D Boy)

World of Goo 2 sequel announced for 2024 release window

The Game Awards 2023 featured a wealth of exciting announcements, including World of Goo 2. Earlier this year, the beloved goopy game received a remaster that was available on mobile platforms and Netflix. In 2024, a sequel to the original will be coming to life. While the game doesn’t have a release date confirmed, we know it’s on the way.

The 2008 Nintendo Wii/PC hit is coming back in a huge way, and the developers have said it’s their biggest game ever. Fans of physics puzzles and ridiculous action hopefully won’t have to wait too long for it.


The Game Awards 2023 reveals World of Goo 2 is on the way


The original team at 2D Boy is back to work on World of Goo 2. Revealed in a short trailer at The Game Awards 2023, the goopy, oozy physics-based game will be back and bigger than ever.

Unfortunately, not much is known except that the title will bring back the physics-based platforming and puzzle-solving the original had. However, fans did get to see brief glimpses of the future.


There were huge waves of ooze sliding down hills and up ramps across gears, forming intricate bridges and platforms to get across huge empty areas, with nothing but floating platforms to deal with.

There were cannons firing ooze and massive balls of the goopy substance rolling across bridges made of the same inky black sludge. There even appeared to be a lava-based ooze in one of the final sections of the trailer.

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Even though it’s been 15 years, The Game Awards 2023 trailer for World of Goo 2 didn’t offer a concrete release date. However, we do know that it’s coming in 2024. There are so many new environments to explore in the game, and they look quite exciting.


Little else is known about World of Goo 2 other than the fact that it will arrive next year and that we saw a tease of the gameplay during The Game Awards 2023. The trailer didn’t even reveal what platforms the game would be playable on, and the company’s website joked about it, saying:

“Yes, let's enjoy this moment, right now, where anything is possible. Can you play it on your 2004 Discman? Maybe. Let's just let the vast expanse of uncertainty fill our hearts with wonder, while we fill our bank accounts with exclusive distributon contracts.”

World of Goo is coming in 2024 to an unknown series of platforms. More information will surely be made available by 2D Boy, so stay tuned to Sportskeeda for further information as it breaks. Other fantastic games have been revealed at The Game Awards 2023, such as Dragon Ball Zero! Sparking.

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