Bobby Kotick recently came under fire on social media by an Overwatch producer, blaming him for many of the game's issues (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch Producer reveals Bobby Kotick stalled development through dead end projects

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Tracy Kennedy, a game producer for Overwatch, recently went to Twitter to take Bobby Kotick to task for previous actions. Activision Blizzard has remained in the news over the last few months, from a major lawsuit to the company being sold to Microsoft.

The Overwatch producer talked about a variety of problems caused by Kotick, quote-tweeting an article where the CEO explained the motive of selling to Microsoft. Bobby Kotick cited the delay of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, and Tracy Kennedy had a few problems to share with the internet.

Bobby, tell everyone about the random projects for OW1 you all would shove on us, the team would do OT for only them to get cancelled and for months of OW2 dev to have been lost. Or how almost entire teams are turning over and citing you as the reason. Don't be shy.…
In an interview with GamesBeat, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick explained his motive for selling to Microsoft, citing the delay of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 as having a principle effect on declining stock prices.

#ActivisionBlizzard #Microsoft…
1:41 AM · Jan 19, 2022
“Bobby, tell everyone about the random projects for OW1 you all would shove on us, the team would do OT for only them to get cancelled and for months of OW2 dev to have been lost. Or how almost entire teams are turning over and citing you as the reason. Don't be shy.”

Overwatch Producer Tracy Kennedy blames Bobby Kotick for affecting game development

In the tweets below, Kennedy did not hold back at blasting Bobby Kotick, blaming him for many of the problems in the game's production. In her opening tweet, she talked about doing overtime on random projects, only for them to get canceled, resulting in wasted time.

Oh wait that's right you hide behind scapegoats because you're a coward, my mistake. The entire world will remember you to be a greedy joke, and there's nothing you can do to change that. We outlasted you and we won. Byeee
1:43 AM · Jan 19, 2022

She then called him a coward openly, saying that he just hid behind others. Now that it’s publicly known, it’s quite likely Bobby Kotick will be phased out after the acquisition, with Kennedy stating that the Activision Blizzard teams had outlasted Kotick and had 'won'.

@dogspinster Sadly he won. he's leaving on his own terms with a frackTon of extra cash.
2:54 AM · Jan 19, 2022

However, one Twitter user said that Kotick had 'won' because he gets to leave on his own terms, and will obviously be receiving a large amount of cash. But Kennedy disagreed, stating that Kotick's ego had taken a major hit and further stated that people viewing him as incompetent was the worst-case scenario for the CEO.

@jcandance Monetarily sure, but he's very egotistical. People seeing his incompetence and mocking him is his worst nightmare, so these last few months have probably really pissed him off. He's infamous for suing people who expose him, but he can't possibly sue all of us now.
2:58 AM · Jan 19, 2022

However, it seems like Kotick’s on the way out, with Microsoft expected to fully acquire Activision Blizzard by 2023. Unfortunately, Tracy Kennedy could not speak in greater detail about the actual projects that were mentioned, since employees can only talk about working conditions themselves.

However, the producer did not hold back talking about how she perceives Kotick for his work as a boss, heavily blaming the CEO for problems within the company.

The Internet responds to Kennedy's words about Overwatch and Kotick

The thread started by Tracy Kennedy was filled with questions, concerns, and remarks about the shooter game and Kotick in general. Many were simply concerned or disappointed about how things worked out.

@dogspinster This sounds so tragic. I absolutely love this game and the team behind it, but by 2019 clearly someone was pulling strings. No wonder Jeff left. God I just want all the devs to be happy and better resourced so they don't have to stress. OW2 is GOTY contender why mess around Bobby
7:56 AM · Jan 19, 2022
@dogspinster It was my understanding that Jeff was big on creating a buffer between upper management and the dev team, the Reinhardt shield if you will. Guess the shield broke at some point and he couldn't protect the team any longer.
8:04 AM · Jan 19, 2022
@dogspinster The worst part of all of this, is that CEOs aren’t paid for delivering projects. They are paid for the share price growth. Whatever drives that is what drives them. Hence, spin, bullshit and scapegoating is how they earn their massive bonuses. Broken system. Finally it can rest.
5:57 AM · Jan 19, 2022
@dogspinster I always knew it was because of greed and meddling, I'm so sorry you have all suffered with this terrible and out of touch mismanagement for so long. Just know you have our support. Things will get better.
4:24 AM · Jan 19, 2022

Obviously, there is hope for the future. Apparently, under new management without Bobby Kotick, the game could possibly thrive again, and some of the systemic problems within the company itself could be resolved.

@dogspinster I wish Overwatch & the team best of luck to a better future. You guys do sn amazing job to provide what you can. Hopefully the game will go beyond with its story & characters when OW 2 comes. Bobby won’t be missed after everything he did
4:03 AM · Jan 19, 2022
@dogspinster So sorry to hear :( Hoping positive change comes with the MS news for everyone.

Hope the stories can come out in time on development. As an external observer, it seemed like there were delays in decision-making or weird lags of time on things. Your tweet explains the reality :(
2:05 AM · Jan 20, 2022
@dogspinster This breaks my heart. I always wondered why all these changes were added to the game. Bobby should really not stick his nose into game at all.
I still have hope for the OW team to pull through this garbage era.
5:38 AM · Jan 19, 2022
@dogspinster I hope the experience with Microsoft is better. They seem to be vision oriented and investment driven right now which is a good thing for like minded devs usually. Hopefully it pans out that way.
3:59 AM · Jan 19, 2022

The news did not seem to surprise many, but disappointed quite a few fans of the game. There is hope for the future in many of the social media posts, hoping that under new management, the games they love can grow to even greater heights.

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