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Payday 3 Heist guide: How to complete Road Rage mission?

Payday 3 was recently released for the entire player base and introduced immersive missions like the Road Rage heist. It is a great mission that can help players experience the amount of chaos and control possible in the new sequel. Moreover, the game features different difficulty levels for the community to master and participate in some of the highest stake missions like Under the Surphaze heist.

Road Rage takes place on the Queensborough Bridge, making it a unique scenario for a heist that needs to be completed with maximum efficiency. Such a mission prepares the squad for volatile circumstances while looting the most amount of valuables in a time-limited heist. It is important to note that completing the mission objective should always be the priority for the squad.


This article will provide the best way to complete the Road Rage mission in Payday 3.

How to complete Payday 3’s Road Rage heist?


The entire Road Rage mission is divided into a few steps that must be completed before players can start capturing the loot. It is important to take note of the surroundings and attend to every little task to make the best out of this chaotic heist since it does not have a stealth route.



Here is how to get through the mission's first phase without any hiccups.

  • You need to grab the EMP device present at the spawn location and move up toward the bridge. It will be inside a wooden crate that you need to open up.
  • Navigate to the marked spot and place the EMP that you are carrying.
  • You can also tie down any civilians you encounter on the way to maintain control over the bridge.
  • Now, the squad has to wait for the armored truck to arrive.
  • Fetch the Remote Steering device present on the construction site. You will need to place it on the truck.

Defend the truck

The amount of chaos suddenly increases once you activate the Payday 3 Remote Steering device. Defend the truck while the device takes complete control over it.

  • You will need to fight back the local authorities that push inside the bridge near the construction areas.
  • Make sure to take out the defense line and activate the device on the truck to start driving it to your desired location.
  • You will also need to stay close to the truck to maintain a remote connection so that the steering device functions.
  • The route will be broken in some areas where you will need to find items to place so that the truck can move.


This is a difficult phase in Payday 3 as the team would be under attack and also need to blow the truck open to secure all the loot.

  • Once the truck mounts the ramp, you must get under it and place the breaching device.
  • The breaching process will take some time, and your team has to defend it from the police assault.
  • Take off the breaching device and prepare to override the electrical circuits under it.
  • Once the circuit is jumbled, the truck's back door will swing open and allow players to take the valuables inside.
  • You will need to lockpick the safes to access the cash and valuables inside.
  • Now, all that's left is for you to get all the loot and escape through the scaffolding. Climb down the stairs and wait for the timer to end the mission successfully.

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