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Payday 3 matchmaking taking forever (Image via Overkill Software)

Payday 3 matchmaking taking forever error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

Payday 3 has had a disastrous launch, with the most common complaint being long matchmaking times. Developed by Starbreeze Studios in partnership with Overkill Software and published by Deep Silver, the third installment in the popular heist game franchise had a lot riding on it. Building upon the decade-long hype of Payday 2, the title had fans excited to team up and pull off a heist like the first scene of The Dark Knight, equipped with a clown mask and all.

That said, the game seems to have run into a flurry of matchmaking issues. Considering Payday 3 is an online-only co-op heist game, this has understandably left users frustrated and disappointed.


Players are reporting waiting for more than an hour for matchmaking, even though the game has a strong starting player base, partially for it being included on Xbox Game Pass.

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Let's speculate some reasons why your matchmaking is taking forever and discuss some possible fixes you can try to navigate around the issue.


How to fix Payday 3 matchmaking taking forever error?


Payday 3's matchmaking has been disappointing, to say the least. Instead of teaming up together and robbing a bank, players are stuck on the matchmaking screen for hours on end, unable to connect to servers.

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While Starbreeze Studios did a stress test for the servers a few months earlier, and players weren't facing the issue during its early access launch period, it seems like the massive player count crowding the server is something the developers didn't expect. Here are a few possible fixes to solve the issue.

  • Cancel and restart matchmaking - Cancelling and restarting matchmaking will put you on a new queue, and often, that does help you get matches faster.
  • Exit the game and launch it again - Exiting and relaunching the game reconnects the game to the server, increasing your possibility of getting a match.
  • Disconnect and reconnect your internet connection - Disconnecting and reconnecting your internet service will reestablish your connection with the server, increasing your matchmaking chances.

Hopefully, Starbreeze will address this issue as soon as possible, and players can jump in and play the game with their friends.

Payday 3 matchmaking taking forever error possible reasons

The matchmaking taking forever error in Payday 3 is expected to be caused by issues on the server side. As an always-online co-op game, players need to connect to the server to play any matches.

This could be due to unoptimized servers, which failed to match players in the queue properly or do not have the capacity to accommodate all players.

Hopefully, the matchmaking issue will be resolved soon. Payday 3 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows PC. The game also launched on day 1 on the Game Pass and is available for players to play.

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