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Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3 (Image via Starbreeze)

Payday 3 stealth guide: How to complete Rock the Cradle mission

The Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3 is undoubtedly one of the most challenging missions to crack in stealth. There are far too many variables that could go wrong, often forcing players to replay the entire sequence over and over again. It is definitely a frustrating experience. However, we have a detailed guide for all our viewers to help them easily tackle this extremely taxing mission.

The article below will provide a step-by-step guideline for players to follow, tackling every objective in the most apt way possible. As discussed above, the mission has several variables that could go wrong, for which we ask our readers to be a bit patient and extra careful while making their moves in-game.


How to complete the Rock the Cradle Payday 3 mission in stealth?


There are three stages players must complete in order to finish the Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3 with utter stealth. These include:

  1. Gaining access to the VIP room
  2. Securing the Crypto Wallet
  3. Unlocking the Vault room

The first order of business in this Payday 3 mission is to get uninterrupted access to the VIP room. There are two means to do this task, and our guide will showcase both means in the easiest manner to follow.

Gaining access to the VIP room via fabricated invitation in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle mission

The first and foremost method to gain easy access to the VIP room is to fabricate the invitation. For this method to work, players must have the Social Engineering skill from the Grifter skill line.


If you do happen to have so, follow along these steps:

  • Locate the room across from the bouncers.
  • Gather some rush by running near civilians and safely pick the lock. Head up the stairs and dash across the DJ booth into Rifkin's office.
  • Pick the lock and exercise caution to prevent getting caught. Upon doing so, go inside the room and hack the computer on the table.
  • With the initial hack placed, players must head back downstairs and trace Cassandra Rifkin within the area.
  • Approach Rifkin and interact with her phone upon receiving the prompt. Players must stay within the effective radius to successfully hack Rifkin's phone.
  • With the hack completed, move back to the room with the PC and quickly interact with the QR code reader by the display case.
  • This will unlock the VIP invitation. This must further be authenticated, which can be done in the Meet Hall (ground floor) with an RFID reader. After successfully being authenticated, players will be allowed access to the VIP room after a quick scrutiny by the bouncers guarding the door.

Gaining access to the VIP room via speaker disruption in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle mission

Another easy means to get access to the VIP room is by following these steps:

  • Head upstairs to the DJ booth near Rifkin's office.
  • Move to the speaker area using the staircase or a vent in the storage room.
  • Carefully note the movement of the patrolling guard, and if possible, leave him unharmed.
  • Interact with the speakers unnoticed and essentially disrupt them.
  • This act will cause a guard to come and investigate the disruption, at which the players can eliminate him and nick off his keycard.
  • Players can use this keycard to get safe access to the VIP room without issues.

Securing the Crypto Wallet in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle


After gaining entry into the VIP room, players must now hunt for the Crypto Wallet, which is the primary objective of this mission in Payday 3. This Wallet will be available in the IT area of the VIP Room.

Follow these steps to safely secure the Crypto Wallet in absolute stealth:

  • Take the first flight of stairs and ascend them to the Accounting room.
  • In this room, players will find a red keycard with a code. This keycard will provide exclusive entry into the IT room where the Crypto Wallet is located.
  • Descend the stairs and notice the rooms around. A bouncer will be located outside the IT room, patrolling and guarding it.
  • Use an adequate lure and distract the bouncer. Upon doing so, quickly sneak into the IT room.
  • Players can now safely use the red keycard on the door again to access the Crypto Wallet.

Players must now take the Crypto Wallet over to the loot drop on the far side of the VIP Room using the upstairs route and heading across the walkway. This is by far the safest and easiest means to exfil the drop.


Unlocking the Vault room in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle mission

The code that players find in the Accounting room will be used to unlock the Vault in Rock the Cradle in Payday 3. Players must have come across two sets of codes, one being fake while the other is the actual code responsible for unlocking the vault.

To uncover the riches of the vault, players must:

  • Try out both the codes, one of which will unlock the vault room.
  • Secure all the cash, and safely exfil and complete the mission.

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