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“It’s feeling very stale”: PewDiePie talks about his future YouTube content amidst break


Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg recently addressed the content on his YouTube channel and the direction it may go in the future.

In his most recent livestream, Kjellberg talked about his experience maneuvering the YouTube scene after becoming the largest individual creator channel on the platform. From breaks and low viewership to new content, he discussed changes in his approach to YouTube.

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While talking about making his videos more suited to his preferences, Kjellberg called his repetitive content “stale.” Furthermore, he explained his frazzling enthusiasm in creating videos in the style of his older content.

"I think just doing the same kinda stuff is feeling very stale."

PewDiePie talks about changes in content his break?


While addressing the current status of his YouTube channel as a "sidequest," Kjellberg asked his viewers to suggest ideas for new content.

"Everyone's so f****** nifty with YouTube though."

The 32-year-old went on to reminisce about the enthusiasm with which he used to create his earlier videos. He enacted his extreme focus on elements of thumbnails and statistics, exclaiming the lack of need to do such things anymore:

"I remember back in the day, I was so like - 'okay, the most efficient way to do this video; is that thumbnail good enough? What are my stats?' I can't be bothered (anymore)."
PewDiePie's thumbnail from his Minecraft series (via Sportskeeda)

However, he did show the flip side to such a mentality, by talking about how he questioned the measure of his success and his ability to maintain it. The drop in enthusiasm seems to have put him in an awkward position:

"But it's like, if I don't care, it feels like I'm failing?"

Kjellberg reaffirmed his belief in making content that he likes while acknowledging that questions of doubt still hover over him.

"...even though it's not really what I care about, so I shouldn't? But it's still there."

Fans express their desire in wanting the best for PewDiePie

Kjellberg's fanbase, while acknowledging a void left by the lack of fresh uploads from their favorite YouTuber, also extended an understanding of his circumstances.

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Fan shows support for PewDiePie's break from content uploading (via YouTube/PewDiePieHighlights) A fan suggestion (via YouTube/PewDiePieHighlights)

Fans enthusiastically provided suggestions for content too.

A fan gives a hilarious suggestion during the livestream (via YouTube/PewDiePieHighlights)
Fan suggestion for content ( via YouTube/PewDiePieHighlights)

As he continues on his break, his fans are no doubt hopeful of a new era of content from Pewdiepie.

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