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PUBG News: Aman Leaves Team Velocity; Team Insidious is back in PMIT 2019 as Team Nexus

  • Aman is leaving SouL Clan and joining Entity Gaming.
Modified 06 Aug 2019

SouL's member Aman has decided to leave Team Velocity and join Entity Gaming. Aman revealed this during his stream on YouTube.

Aman was a part of Team Velocity, an Indian PUBG Mobile Team. Now, since he has joined Entity Gaming, Aman has changed his in game name to from SouLAman to EntityAman.


Aman clarified that the two major reasons which made him opt for Entity Gaming. He mentioned that the offer from Entity Gaming was pretty good and was one of the major reasons why he he decided to join them.

Aman also mentioned that he will be joining his buddy EntityJonathan, who has been seen playing with him regularly in his streams, at Entity Gaming.

Aman has also mentioned in his stream that he conveyed his decision to SouL MortaL. PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 will be the first Pro PUBG Mobile tournament where we will see Aman in action as part of Entity Gaming.

Here is the stream link where Aman announced the news:

Team Insidious is back as Team Nexus

Moving to another big news. The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Indian Regional Finalists Team Insidious is back and will contest the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 as Team Nexus.

In a community post by PUBG Mobile India Official on YouTube, it was confirmed that Team Nexus will be seen in action in PMIT 2019.


In PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Indian Regional Finals, the roster of Team Insidious had INSIMAZIK, INSOMEN, INSCARTOONZZ and INSSMXKIEOP. The team finished in the thirteenth position with 129 points.

In this past week, PUBG Mobile's Indian community had a lot of news with major reshuffling in teams.

Firstly, sc0ut joining Team SouL, leaving TeamIND. Then Ex Indian Tigers players Mavi and Carry forming a new PUBG Mobile team, Orange Rock Esports and then Aman joining Entity Gaming.


All in all, PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 will be an exciting tournament for the Indian community and hopefully will able to see some deadly performances by the new roster lineups.

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Published 06 Aug 2019, 14:20 IST
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