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All details about Punishing Gray Raven's Across the Ruined Sea update. (Image via Kuro Games)

Punishing Gray Raven Across the Ruined Sea update: New story events, characters, and more

Punishing Gray Raven received a significant update on September 26, 2023, introducing a new story titled Across the Ruined Sea. Several events, a new character, a weapon, and several coatings also made their way into the latest version of the popular action-RPG gacha title.

Players can now enjoy a new roguelite game mode, boss challenge, and also try out new character skills in the trial stage, which rewards enhancing materials, Trade Vouchers, and more.


This article details all new content in Punishing Gray Raven’s latest update.

Punishing Gray Raven: Across the Ruined Sea story


Players at Commandant Level 40 or above can access this latest story until November 9, 2023. All efforts to stop the Red Tide have gone in vain, and this destructive liquid is heading toward the ocean, eating up victims one after another. The Purifying Force sent Chiko, the party’s leader, and his subordinates to investigate the gruesome liquid to prevent more casualties.


The mission goes downhill, and the investigating party loses connection; however, they successfully send their location. Bianca, captain of the Purifying Force, is set to find out the truth behind the incident and put it to an end. Players can play the story, find out the cause behind the Purifying Force’s disappearance, and attempt to stop the Red Tide for good in this mobile RPG title.

New events


Across the Ruined Sea story brings the following new events for commandants to play and get ample rewards. Here are the details:

Abyssal voyage: This event will run in this mobile gacha title until November 5. All Commandants at Level 40 or higher can play Abyssal Voyage. It contains five sessions, each with two stages, and clearing them grants event tokens, Crystal Seashell. Players can exchange it at the Seaborne Trading Post event shop for various rewards, including a 6-star Memory set for Charlotte, training, and enhancing materials.

The shop will remain open until November 9.

Reborn Resolve: The trial stage for the new character Bianca: Stigmata, will be available until October 25. Those who want to participate must clear Normal Story 2-4. Commandants can familiarize themselves with her skills, basic attacks, and more in the tutorial and challenge stages. Completing the latter rewards basic training and enhancing materials, Trade Vouchers, and more.

Summer Thoughts: This event will be available to Commandants at Level 20 or higher until October 18. Players can enter the event page to receive a postcard from a different faction. Each comes with a free research attempt, totaling up to 14. They include three Themed Event or Fate Themed Constructs, four Target Weapon Research, and four Member Target attempts.


New Punishing Gray Raven character, weapon, and CUB

Punishing Gray Raven's Bianca Stigmata character's banner. (Image via Kuro Games)

Here are the details of a new character, weapon, and CUB in Punishing Gray Raven’s latest update:

New Character Bianca: Stigmata: She is an S-rank attacker unit who deals physical damage. Bianca: Stigmata will have a 100% drop rate in Themed Event and Fate-Themed Constructs until October 25.

New Weapon Hecate: It is a 6-star Swordstaff weapon exclusively for Bianca. Hecate’s skill increases the Critical damage rate by 30%. Additionally, she gains 20 stacks of Stigmata Will and triggers the Resolution Status upon entering the Sword form. Players can summon this weapon at an 80% drop rate in Target Weapon research.

New CUB Shimmer: It is a pull, charge type Punishing Gray Raven pet. Shimmer can pull enemies to deal massive damage, increasing Bianca’s CRIT DMG and Base DMG of Sword Dance move. Players can obtain Shimmer at a 100% drop rate until October 25 from CUB Weapon research.

Punishing Gray Raven new game modes

Punishing Gray Raven's new game modes and events. (Image via Kuro Games)

Here are the details of all new Punishing Gray Raven game modes:


Slumberland: This Bonus Story game mode will be available until October 25. It tells the creation story of the latest SFX coating Dreamcatcher for Liv: Empreya. Players clearing the trial stage obtain Black Cards and other rewards.

Exodus Memoria: This boss challenge mode pits players against the new Punishing Gray Raven Boss Lithos. Exodus Memoria has five stages with varying levels of difficulties and requires Commandant Level 40 or above to participate. Clearing the stage rewards event construct R&D tickets, Trade Vouchers, and more. This challenge mode will be available until October 25.

Cursed Waves: Curse Waves is the latest game mode featuring roguelite gameplay, allowing Commandants at Level 70 or above to participate. Players can form a Survey Team with countless character bonds and buffs. They can venture into a world of cursed waves and reach one of the three endings of the story. Completing event missions rewards Trade Vouchers, CUB training materials, and more.


Along with a new story and events, players can also look to bag new character Punishing Gray Raven coatings, such as Exorcist for Stigmata, Wavebender for Garnet, and Dreamcatcher for Empyrea. Moreover, new weapon coatings such as Southern Cross for Swordstaff, Theros’ Bloom for Banner Spear, and Danza Macabra for Greatsword will be available.


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