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Refugee PC builder from Ukraine gets robbed at gunpoint, sends a teary message to fans

A Ukrainian-born refugee named Dmytro Klynov shared a heartfelt message on his TikTok and YouTube channels to reveal a horrifying experience.

Dmytro, who had to immigrate to the US after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, stated that he started a PC-building business and ended up being robbed at gunpoint during his latest transaction.


Following the disturbing experience, the Ukrainian was left in a state of trauma and subsequently shared a teary-eyed message with his fans explaining how he lost materials worth $700.

The man has also set up a fundraiser through which fans can donate. Thus far, he has managed to recuperate $945 from the target of $1000.

A Ukrainian refugee and PC Builder was robbed at gunpoint

The internet responded by getting it back for him, with donations

"It was so scary" - Ukrainian refugee recounts his traumatic experience with the burglar


The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, has hit several businessmen and entrepreneurs economically. Dmytro Klynov took to his TikTok account to reveal his traumatic encounter with an armed burglar. He stated:

"A few minutes ago, I tried to sell a gaming PC to one of my customers, and they robbed me. Wow. Trying to sell PCs. Like, said, 'Go meet me in this apartment, we need to test your PC, we go downstairs, and I'm like okay, going, showing the cable management. In one moment, he took my PC and run away. I try to catch him, I got him and he show me the gun. What's wrong with you?"

He continued:

"You saw on my TikTok, you saw on my Facebook page, I'm a refugee from Ukraine. I lost everything because of Russia and lost $700. Maybe it's not too much, but for me it's many. It's so scary, it was so scary to see the gun."

Jake Lucky, an online reporter, amplified the message. He has also tweeted a link to the GoFundMe page through which fans can donate. Dmytro wrote:

"Is it possible, I want to find investment for my little business. Name of my LLC is KLY Computer Service, I will spend all of this money for tools and new PC parts, I will make a video about all process."

Dmytro has already contacted the police. He shared a brief YouTube video detailing the scene of the crime. The incident occurred in Minneapolis, as seen by screenshots of the exchanges between Dmytro and the perpetrator.

With nearly 90% of the funds recovered, fans hope the refugee can get back on track with his PC building business.

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