Some of the best Reverse 1999 Plant Afflatus Arcanists to build and use (Image via Bluepoch)

Reverse 1999: 5 best Plant Afflatus Arcanists to build

Afflatuses are essential while creating a squad and fighting enemies in the Reverse 1999 battlefield. They are Arcanists’ attributes that help deal additional damage upon foes. This gacha RPG features six Afflatuses: Beast, Mineral, Plant, Star, Intelligence, and Spirit, and each Arcanist possesses one. The Afflatuses cyclically interact and have pros and cons against each other.

Plant Afflatus characters deal 30% additional damage to Star-type and take 30% more from Beast-type foes. As of this writing, there are a total of ten Plant-type Arcanists.


This article lists some of the best Reverse 1999 Plant Afflatus Arcanists players can build and include in their team, from healers, DPS, and controllers to debuffers and more.

An-an Lee, Bkornblume, and other best Plant Afflatus Arcanists in Reverse 1999


1) An-an Lee

An-an Lee in Reverse 1999. (Image via Bluepoch)

An-an Lee is arguably one of the best Reverse 1999 Arcanists. She has a 6-star rarity with control, support, and DPS tags dealing Reality damage.

Her Ultimate Scientific Ghost Buster can inflict a decent amount of damage, and An-an Lee enters Empower Incantation I status, which grants one star to a random incantation. She mass buffs her allies by increasing their damage-dealing ability and reduces damage taken for two rounds with Lily Nectar basic incantation.

Timekeepers are recommended to upgrade An-an Lee’s Insight and unlock her passive as soon as possible. Her passive, Time to Work, grants Exorcism Time and Break Time statuses, which switch at the start of every round and cannot be dispelled.

Exorcism Time boosts damage bonus and Penetration rate, whereas Break Time reduces damage taken. Equip her with Her Second Life Psychube, helping the team survive more, or Brave New World, amplifying her damage.


2) Bkornblume

Bkornblume in Reverse 1999. (Image via Bluepoch)

Bkornblume is a debuffer specializing in dealing with burst damage and crowd-controlling enemies in Reverse 1999. She is a 5-star who deals Reality damage to a single target with her Ultimate and mass attacks with the Watch Your Sleeves basic incantation skill.


Her other basic incantation skill casts mass debuff, reducing enemies’ Reality defense and increasing their damage taken for up to three rounds. Arcanists who specialize in inflicting Reality damage can take advantage of her debuff.

Her Ultimate, Uninvited Reviewer casts a beneficial status effect for two rounds, Seal. It restricts enemies from using their Ultimate. However, if the target becomes immune to Seal, it reduces two Moxie.

Timekeepers can spam her debuff card and attack when they are vulnerable. Bkornblume can take the role of damage dealer or supporter in the squad.

3) Druvis III

Druvis III in Reverse 1999. (Image via Bluepoch)

Druvis III is a 6-star DPS Reverse 1999 Arcanist focusing on crowd control. The teammates can survive longer with her kit supporting them. With the Ultimate Silence In The Woods, she can deal up to 400% mental damage, the highest of all her incantations.

However, her Ultimate has one of the most potent status effects, Petrify. The enemies caught in this status effect cannot act ultimately. Petrify dispels after the affected enemy takes Reality damage.

Due to Petrify, it's best to team Druvis III with Arcanists dealing with mental damage. Besides Ultimate, a basic incantation skill, Wind Into The Woods can also inflict Petrify with a two and three-star card for one and two rounds, respectively.

Druvis III’s Insight becomes helpful at level three. Her passive, Among The Woods, makes all her Plant Afflatus allies enter the Circle of Life status. This grants a 10% damage heal and Leech rate.

4) Diggers

Diggers in Reverse 1999. (Image via Bluepoch)

Diggers debuted with Melania and Pickles in the version 1.1 update. He is a 5-star Arcanist with control, shield, and debuff tags. His basic incantation skill, Bubblism, debuffs all enemies by reducing their Reality and Mental defense for two rounds. Bubblism also inflicts Terror status, which strips the enemy of one Moxie after every round ends.

Additionally, Diggers’ other basic incantation skill, Peace Above All, debuffs enemies by inflicting a Weakness status effect with a two and three-star card. It reduces the enemy’s damage bonus by 25%.

Lastly, his Ultimate inflicts one round of Nightmare, which makes enemies unable to act. With his Inheritance, Bubble Parade, unlocked, he can generate shields for himself at Insight I and all his allies at Insight III.

5) La Source

La Source in Reverse 1999. (Image via Bluepoch)

La Source is a 3-star healer in Reverse 1999 who is extremely helpful in the early game. She can mass heal allies with Spring Fay and deal damage on all enemies with another basic incantation with the same name, "Spring Fay". On the other hand, her Ultimate, Another Version Of The Legend, reduces two Moxie from one single enemy.

Upgrading her to Insight I, inflicts You Wish status on the enemy with the highest attack, reducing its damage bonus and ability to take damage. Her Ultimate reduces one additional Moxie from enemies at Portray level 5.

It can be beneficial because it delays the enemies’ Ultimate, somewhat easing the battle for her teammates. Timekeepers can make La Sources a more robust healer by equipping her with Laughter and Laughter and That Inquisitive Dear Psychubes.

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