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FUT Birthday Icons may come to FIFA 23 soon (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 rumors hint at FUT Birthday Icons coming to Ultimate Team

FUT Birthday Icons could be the next set of special cards in FIFA 23 if indications from the game’s Ultimate Team loading screen are to be believed. EA Sports recently confirmed the date and time of the launch of this upcoming promo, which has excited players.

Two card designs have been revealed, and it is believed that one of them is for active footballers' special cards, as it is more colorful.


The designs for FUT Birthday Icons will likely resemble the existing variants in Ultimate Team, such as Base, Mid, Prime, and World Cup. If community speculation turns out to be true, players can expect to enjoy additional versions of the legendary players in FIFA 23.

FUT Birthday Icons coming to FIFA 23 could make the promo a firm fan favorite

The hype surrounding the FUT Birthday promo is already staggering. It has always been a popular one, and players have been waiting for its return to FIFA 23.

New loading screen

FUT Birthday ICONs confirmed


It is important to note that EA Sports has not yet officially confirmed the release of FUT Birthday Icons. The speculation about these cards has arisen among players based on the different card designs that have been revealed. It is advisable for readers to wait for the official release before making any assumptions about the items that will be available in the game.

The upcoming promo goes live on Friday, March 24, with a new set of cards becoming available in packs. More of them will also be present as part of objectives and SBCs. The swaps program is also worth keeping in mind, as there are some truly amazing rewards, including guaranteed promo items.

FUT Birthday Token System
30 Tokens in total + bonus tokens
Can be found in:
First owner fiesta
Silver Stars
Campaign objectives
Bonus tokens in store
Rewards available from 27th march
Current known rewards
10 tokens for a 85x10… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

All in all, FUT Birthday Icons won’t be cheap for players to acquire, and their initial demand will likely be very high. These will be limited-time offerings, so players should open as many FIFA 23 packs as possible if they want to obtain one. However, the FUT Market will likely be a viable alternative if you miss out on getting an icon from packs.

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