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A leak showing off Kaeya's Hangout Event (Image via @timing1337)

Genshin Impact leaks: Kaeya Hangout, mysterious NPC, Fontaine plot hints, and summer event details

There are several Genshin Impact leaks detailing information about Kaeya's Hangout Event involving a new NPC, some Fontaine plot rumors, and more. For example, plenty of information regarding the upcoming summer event has already been unveiled in image and video formats. This article will include a roundup of the latest leaks about all these topics.

Note that everything presented below is subject to change, especially regarding a few vague text leaks. There are still images to feature here, so readers should scroll down to see the first bunch of rumors tied to Kaeya's Hangout Event.


Genshin Impact leaks unveil more information about upcoming Kaeya Hangout Event and a potential NPC


A Team China leak states that Kaeya will have a Hangout Event in Genshin Impact 3.8. Not only that but a new playable character is supposedly expected to appear in it. Team China speculates that it's a Lyney, but there is currently no confirmation on who the placeholder is.

There is also the possibility that the placeholder could be for Kaeya's new skin, which was leaked to also appear in Genshin Impact 3.8. Travelers will find out more details about this placeholder in the upcoming weeks.

//genshin 3.8 leak spoiler


The above tweet has some screenshots from the Kaeya Hangout Event planned for Genshin Impact 3.8. It is worth noting that a few other photos are circulating online, some of which have Keqing. Players should know those images are using Keqing as a placeholder and that she's not currently planned to be present at the event.

Fontaine plot leaks


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Here is a summary of Fontaine's supposed plot based on currently available Genshin Impact leaks:

  • Two factions: Light is backed by Head Yuelyn, who has a Geo Vision. Meanwhile, Dark is supported by Head Soutine, who is a Hydro Claymore user.
  • Class differences: There appears to be a problem between the upper and lower classes of Fontaine. This is also tied to a wealth gap between the two.
  • Environmental pollution: Not much has been revealed here, but players know some environmental pollution is relevant to the upcoming plot.

It's impossible to currently verify the authenticity of these text leaks, especially since they're so vague.

Summer event leaks


The above tweet shows a montage of tutorial images associated with Genshin Impact 3.8's events. For those who don't know, the main event takes place at a place called Veluriyam Mirage (sometimes referred to as Penumbra in some leaks). The current leaks state that there are four main themes based on Honey Hunter's datamines:

  • Hitting Turbulence: Players use a water cannon to hit some targets in a time trial.
  • Sojourns of the Barking Fox: Travelers complete speed trials with an item known as Barking Box.
  • Dance of Flashing Thought: Defeat foes with "your elegant combat skills."
  • Bing-Bang Finchball: A tabletop game where you try to launch Finchballs.

According to Honey Hunter, there are 1,070 Primogems involved in this big summer event.

A quick overview of 3.8:

1. Oceanid-themed event at Veluriyam Mirage temporary map, free Layla
2. Kaeya Hangout
3. Candace, Yanfei, Kazuha in TCG
4. Find critters via their PoV
5. Perilous Prospect battle event
6. Adventurer's Trials v2
7. 4* skins for Klee & Kaeya
8. Necalevia

A free Layla is also apparently planned to be given away in this Genshin Impact 3.8 event. Oceanids play a significant role here, with one important NPC named Idyia even having a leak of her transforming into one of those bosses.

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