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An AI depiction of the new mummy girl with a generic Sumeru backdrop (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact leaks: New Sumeru mummy girl character model and Focalors sword design

Some new Genshin Impact leaks unveil more information on an upcoming Sumeru mummy girl character and Focalors' sword design. The two subjects are noticeably different from one another, but both were part of some rumors on the same day. Hence, it's worth bundling them together for readers curious to see what's currently planned for the upcoming updates.

No specific Version Update has been confirmed for the upcoming mummy girl from Sumeru. Likewise, Focalors' sword has no known release date. Everything shown here is subject to change. The Sumeru mummy girl's leak is based on AI-generated artwork, meaning it will only resemble the beta model.


Genshin Impact character leaks: New mummy girl


AI-generated Sumeru's mummy girl character from earlier.
skin color is different, but she looks like this.

Via TC

The above leak shows an AI-generated artwork of this rumored Sumeru mummy girl character. Remember, artwork created by AI isn't official. Readers should only use the above render to imagine what the upcoming character might resemble.

It is worth noting that another AI-generated piece of this character exists, and it is supposedly more accurate. That image can be seen in the following tweet.

Via teamchina

Some parts of this photo are quite similar to the previous one. Most notably, the hairstyle and bandages around the arm seem to be a recurring theme in this character. Since there is no leaked photo of the character yet, it's impossible to know how accurate this AI-generated artwork is at the moment.

I'll leave the evaluation to Mr. SYP

According to leaker @HutaoLover777, the second AI-generated photo is supposedly very accurate. There are some discrepancies, such as:

  • The mummy girl isn't supposed to be wearing shoes.
  • Her feet are bandaged.
  • Various accessories are missing.

Nonetheless, the previous image is apparently the best render currently available to view in the Genshin Impact leaking community.

Not a L***

Body type: Girl (Like Amber)
Skin color: like Cyno but more grayish

Short grayish-black hair with gold and white curls.
Gold paper clip like jewelry on front side of head. twitter.com/Honkai_Revenge…

New Loli character from Sumeru,a dark skinned mummy

Source: Team_China

This tweet is the final one worth mentioning about the Sumeru mummy girl character planned for some future Genshin Impact update. Leaker Mero has stated that she doesn't use the same model as characters like Sayu and Nahida. Instead, this mummy character has something similar to the default female model (like Amber, Ayaka, etc.).

Also, her skin color is apparently like Cyno's, except more grayish. No exact hues or color hex codes are provided. No credible gameplay details about this new unit have been released yet.

Focalors sword design

Pic source unknown

The above tweet is a supposed render of Focalors' weapon in Genshin Impact. It bares a resemblance to The Flute at first glance, but there isn't much else to say about the sword since it's a blurry image that is too pixelated to fully analyze. It is worth noting how leaker @keikakutori9 states that the weapon shown here could be outdated.

这个我认为是废案或者同人作品。我必须强调的是,虽然有些图是通过一些手段从老米内部弄到的,但也不能保证这些图的真实性,因为他很有可能是一些同人图和废案。 twitter.com/Xwides/status/…
Возможная сигна Фокалорс


Twitter's auto-translate feature reveals that the Genshin Impact leaker states the following about Focalors' sword:

"I think this is a scrap case or a fan work. I must emphasize that although some pictures were obtained from miHoYo through some means, the authenticity of these pictures cannot be guaranteed, because they are very likely to be some fan pictures and scrap cases."

Hence, the above sword could be Focalors' weapon before the concept was scrapped for something else. There is no updated render to show off at present. The full details of this weapon's gameplay stats and mechanics haven't been credibly leaked just yet.

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