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Two of the leaked characters (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact upcoming character leaks: Sertice, Kirara, and everything leaked so far

New Genshin Impact leaks reveal some crucial details about Sertice, Kirara, and other upcoming characters. It is vital to mention that everything shown here is subject to change. Such a note is especially important since these character leaks were released far sooner than usual. For example, Kirara has already undergone several changes based on the latest rumors.

This article will include the most recent information on Sertice and Kirara, as well as some minor details on the other revealed Fontaine characters. At the very least, Travelers will have a general idea of what these new units look like based on their leaked character models.


Genshin Impact character leaks: Sertice, Kirara, and notes on Fontaine




The first one to discuss is Sertice, who can be seen in the above tweet. Not much is known about her apart from her apparently using a Sword in combat. No gameplay footage or details about her Vision have been revealed thus far.

It is vital to mention that she was seen in an older leak before, just without a name. The following leak was one of the first instances where players might recall seeing her.

This is the older leak that featured her and other Fontaine characters (Image via HoYoverse)

Many of these characters originate from Fontaine, although a few have been described as coming from Mondstadt. Recognizable persons of interest include:

  • Lynette
  • Chief Justice Neuvillette
  • Focalors
  • Captain R
  • Lyney

However, there is a strong possibility that some of these leaks contain outdated information (which wouldn't be surprising considering how old they are).

Most of the Fontaine character leaks that are happening (Sertice, Kirara/Momoka, The Fontaine Line-up, Inazuma Girl) are coming from a single source that shared those images 5 months ago in TC's old group - Icarus.
It's way too early for Fontaine leaks, because Girl_Sword_Sertice, is not from Mondstadt, is not a Sword User and is not even a "Sertice".

Many of the original character design leaks came from the Icarus group nearly half a year ago from the recent Sertice leak. It is worth mentioning that Team China has also stated that the character shown above isn't Sertice but rather a different person altogether.

Team China even mentioned how past units bore different names than initially reported. That's sadly impossible for the average Joe to verify, so one could only take a leaker's word for it. It is worth noting that Team China has a shaky overall record regarding credibility.

Nonetheless, Mero has a good record, and it wouldn't be unreasonable if old concept art were subject to change.


Kirara Genshin Impact leaks

Momokaのゲーム内名はMomokaではなく、きらら(绮良良 / Kirara)

Momoka's in-game name is not Momoka, but Kirara(绮良良/きらら)
Momoka is the data name


Via team china

Team China has also reported that the character once known as Momoka (and Geo catgirl) is actually named Kirara. There were earlier rumors that she would be a 5-star Geo Sword user (with a few leaks pointing to a Bow instead) and might be in the Standard Banner.

Those leaks are no longer considered authentic since Kirara was leaked to be a 4-star Dendro unit, according to Mero. She did have a Geo vision in her original artwork, but that's an example of the old Genshin Impact leaks being considered very outdated.



The above tweet shows off her old artwork, with the outdated Geo Vision being visible on her right hip (the reader's left). Some leaks point to her being released in Genshin Impact 3.7, but there is nothing specific about which phase she will be in or the 5-star characters being featured there.

If Kirara is due to be released in Genshin Impact 3.7, then Travelers will discover more about her once the 3.7 beta starts. There is no known release date for Sertice or the other Fontaine-related characters.

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