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  • Honkai Star Rail Huangquan leak offers information about new character, possible skills, and more
Everything we know about Huangquan in Honkai Star Rail (Image via miHoYo)

Honkai Star Rail Huangquan leak offers information about new character, possible skills, and more

The rumored abilities of an upcoming Honkai Star Rail character, Huangquan, were leaked on social media on June 3. This latest rumor comes from reliable leaker Thorisllian, and it was posted on Twitter by @HSR_stuff. If it turns out to be true, then players could have another character that deals lightning damage.

Not much information has been revealed about Huangquan as of now. miHoYo typically stays tight-lipped about new characters, so the community depends on leaks to get information about them. Despite the limited information available, the community believes that the upcoming Honkai Star Rail character will likely have a significant impact on the game's meta


Leaks hint at Huangquan’s possible build in Honkai Star Rail

Here’s all the leaked information about Huangquan’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail:

#HonkaiStarRail HSR KEAKS!

New character called Huangquan and their kit.

Rarity: 5-stars
Elment: Lightning
Path: The Nihility

Credits to: ThorisIlian
  • Basic: Deals lightning damage up to a certain percentage of the character’s attack.
  • Skill: Does lightning damage up to a certain percentage on the enemy and creates two additional instances, which do bonus damage on other enemies.
  • Talent: Applies two stacks of curse on enemies who will take more damage from all attacks. These stacks can be increased to three, then reduced by one in exchange for additional damage.
  • Technique: Huangquan will enter a certain stage whose outcome depends on the enemy's level. If the latter is stronger, the character can add a stack of curses for more damage. If the enemy is at or below a certain level, they might get instantly killed in battle.
  • Ultimate: A single enemy can be targeted, and the amount of damage dealt will be determined by the stacks of curses on it. There will also be a follow-up attack of some sort that inflicts additional lightning damage.

It’s worth noting that this build may differ when the character gets eventually added to Honkai Star Rail. Moreover, some of the information available here is open to interpretation, and readers are advised to wait for the character's official showcase in the future.

The new character is expected to belong to the Path of Nihility and will be a five-star entity as well.

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