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Acheron's character model in Honkai Star Rail shares resemblance with Raiden Mei from Impact 3rd (Image via HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail leaks show Acheron and Boothill, two upcoming characters

The latest Honkai Star Rail update is in full swing, featuring a bunch of new events and characters to keep Trailblazers indulged in its live service experience. Aside from the fresh content, players are also curious about the speculative information presented by various third-party sources. Recent leaks have placed Acheron and Boothill on the community’s radar as upcoming characters.

This article presents all the information available about both future units.


Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks that are subject to change. Readers should take any speculation with a grain of salt.

Acheron and Boothill’s character design and other leaks in Honkai Star Rail

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X (formerly Twitter) user Stepleaks recently shared the datamined character model of Acheron, reporting that she will be a playable unit in Honkai Star Rail going forward. Moreover, it has been speculated that she will tread on the Nihility Path. This way, she could either be a strong debuffer like Silver Wolf or a DPS similar to Kafka.


From a design perspective, she will be rocking a distinctive violet and black aesthetic. Various eagle-eyed fans have claimed that she shares a strong resemblance with Raiden Mei.

The Herrscher of Thunder in Honkai Impact 3rd was earlier leaked as a future Star Rail character, and it is very likely that her new incarnation will be Acheron.

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Stepleaks have also shown an image of Boothill, rendered via information available in the game data. He was previously mentioned in a list of potential future characters shared by Dimbreath, a credible leak source. Apparently, he was acknowledged as Botio or Porteo in the unofficial translation, which was later clarified as Boothill.

As of this writing, not much information about both of their in-game kits or team roles is available, aside from the character designs. However, their final model in Honkai Star Rail is likely to differ from the leaked images, as they have been showcased via third-party sources unaffiliated with HoYoverse.

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